May 31, 2007

Our Role in Co-Creating

This is a topic I rarely broach. Feels kind of voo-doo-ey to some, including me sometimes. But it's undeniable, so here it is.

Those new to deliberate creation sooner or later ask how much effect, if any, they can have on someone else. After all, we can't vibrate FOR someone else, so how much can we REALLY create our own reality, if that reality involves someone else, and that someone else might want something else?

Well, you might be surprised.

But the fact is you're already doing it. Just not deliberately most of the time.

I expect my boyfriend to be mad because my ex is here helping clean bunny cages, and sure enough, he is. (At least I also expected him to leave me the chocolate devotion ice cream from Coldstone before he drove home in a huff. Got even more mad when I didn't get upset that he was upset, which I also expected him to do. That was NOT deliberate creation. That was crappy default creation on my part.)

People live up to and down to our expectations all day long.

As we anticipate our boss being contradictory and unsympathetic, we create her that way. When we imagine her as understanding and helpful, we come to work to find a whole new person in the boss' chair.

Doubt it? Put it to the test.

Expecting your neighbor to be nosy, uncompromising or annoying? Give something else a try and see how they change. Wishing your spouse weren't so stubborn about not wanting to go with your suggestion? Imagine them open instead of closed, and then get open YOURSELF. It allows for miracles.

Have you ever noticed yourself reacting strangely or out of character with someone in a particular situation? Likely you were experiencing the effect of their intentions. "I don't know what came over me!" we'll say, genuinely perplexed.

Those who have worked with me heard about when I first learned law of attraction, my boyfriend at the time didn't miss a beat in implementing it himself. Within days of my first deliberate creation "miracle" (Jeff's adoption), I realized I was having WAY more sex than usual. I mean a LOT more. After the third day I thought, "This isn't like me! What's going on?" I immediately realized my astute beau was also a quick study of LOA.

I told him to stop because it wasn't ethical.

That didn't scare him.

So I told him to stop because if he kept manifesting that I was super-interested in sex, he would very likely drive me into the arms of someone else, because I was now dead set against sex with him.

The fact is that our vibrations affect those we interact with. When we become more deliberate about the energy we flow, it shows. (And whether or not it's ethical to manifest certain things for others is not anyone else's call to make, contrary to what I said to my guy years ago.)

My advice: check in on your expectations of others, and make sure they're in alignment with what you want.

May 26, 2007

Anyone Missing the Meal for the Scraps?

My 18 year old black cat eats a special canned food to support healthy liver function. Because he's the only one who gets it, everyone in the house thinks Shadow's getting a huge treat. So when the can's empty, I give it to chow pup Koda Bear to lick clean. It's one of his favorite treats!

Which now means one of Koda's favorite pasttimes is licking cans. So much so that I decided he deserved his own canned food. Anyone who likes anything that much should get more of it, right?

Here's how this goes down: I open a can of Nature's Variety wet dog food (it's good stuff: organic, human grade beef, no preservatives), I fill up his bowl with the wet food, but all he has eyes for is the empty can.

He's an absolute nut for that can! Even with the food bowl right in front of him brimming with the REAL deal, his focus is locked on that empty can.

Sometimes I put the can on the counter so he'll find the food. But all he does is sit on the ground staring at the counter, while the cats eat his food. Sometimes I put the can right next to the bowl, so he'll at least be pointed in the direction of the GOOD stuff. But he goes for the can first, scooping it up in his mouth and running to the back door with tail waving so he can be let out to enjoy his treat in peace.

This has gone on for some time now. Even when he gets his nose in the bowl he still turns to the can. (Which makes me think how chows aren't known for being particularly bright.) And then I wonder what he's reflecting to ME.

Do I do the same thing? Miss the good stuff because I've become so conditioned to scraps? Have I trained myself to not even see desserts on the menu, because I'm used to keeping them off limits? Do I not even recognize the opportunity or resource right in front of me because I'm used to doing things the hard way, on my own?

I think I have a pretty good nose for the "gourmet meal" - but how would I know if I'm not seeing it in certain situations? Out of routine, do I just accept that some things are the way they are, and the sooner I accept it the better? Did I pass up the opportunity of a lifetime, because I'm used to second best?

I don't know. But you better believe Koda's teaching me to look. I'll let you know if I discover any gourmet meals. As always, would love to hear your thoughts/experiences.

May 23, 2007

Guess Who Mowed?

Remember my neighbor from my April 9 post? The one I had not much good to say about until I realized he offered me the gift of discovering peace within? Well, guess who mowed my lawn this weekend?

Yeah, he did. (!!) He also doesn't sleep in the tent any more, I haven't seen his girlfriend or heard a fight in forever, and now has a job he goes to every day.

And even more ... someone told him his motorcycle disturbs my bunnies (I'm fostering nine for Bunny Bunch), so he shuts his bike off as he gets close to home and coasts in the driveway. Bunnies don't even flick an ear his way. I'm kind of in love with this guy now!

How did I get so lucky to have a neighbor this great? I have a suspicion. I cleaned up my vibe. Universe answered it. That simple.

Man, it's good to understand vibrations, and even more - to implement that knowledge!

May 21, 2007

Who are you?

Question on mind this afternoon: Who are you? When you're introducing yourself to someone new, how do you sum yourself up?

I just hung up with the most delightful woman in Georgia who inspired me to question how I talk and think about myself. In her intro she said, "I'm a 62 year old teacher who's had two strokes." Turns out she's an enthusiastic and passionate business woman with a strong love of God. There was nothing 62 about her, or teacher, or strokes. That's not who she is. That might be what she's doing (or did), but not remotely who she is.

So that struck me as an interesting way to identify yourself. Age, occupation, medical status.

Yes, I know it makes a difference in who we're talking to, what the context is, etc.

(Or does it?)

Over the weekend I met a great guy who introduced himself as a former stockbroker who got tired of making money off people. And another guy who introduced himself as a caretaker of two Brittany Spaniels whose obsession with paragliding made for enormous relationship challenges. And a woman who introduced herself by stating the neighborhood she lived in.

How do you think about yourself? What do you tell other people when you want to give them an idea of who you are? And how careful are you in manipulating their assessment of you?

I realized my intro varies greatly depending on who I'm talking to. What does THAT say? That I'm making judgments or assumptions about you, what your interest level is, how much I care to reveal, etc. And that's perfectly fine, I guess. But am I shortchanging you? Or more importantly, myself? Perhaps creating myself to be who I'm introducing myself as?

How can that NOT be the case, when my word creates my world?

I mean, who I REALLY think I am isn't something I've ever said to anyone, let alone in an intro upon first meeting. (Lover of Life. I can't imagine a better way to sum it up.) But others hear "I'm an Attraction Coach," "a dog lover," "a refugee from the corporate world," "happily divorced," "a foster mom," "writer," etc.

How limiting is it to respond out of social conventions?

What if instead I said, "I'm an explorer of the joys of planet earth," or "an adventurer in our time/space illusion," or ... oh, I've got it: "I'm here for a good time." I think that's it! I'm going with it. I'll report back my experience with it. lol (Could be the last time my boyfriend introduces me to anyone!)

I expect how I talk about myself, especially when it's out of alignment with how I think about myself, will change something. Would love to hear your thoughts on this topic!

May 20, 2007

Peace Meditation Today

My friend Kathryn Miles passed this along, and although I haven't read it all yet, I wanted to post an excerpt pronto for those who may be interested in joining:

There is a world wide meditation for peace today, 3pm mountain time. It is an immense gathering throughout the world today affirming and creating peace for the entire planet. I invite you to take 15 minutes of vigilant focus with life affirming grace, sure in the knowledge of our peaceful world.

As we grow ever closer to full remembrance of Who We Are, we are learning to let go of self-limitations and willingly accept to open our hearts to ever higher guidances from our souls. One of the key realizations we access this way is the simple truth that we come from the Light and will eventually return to this Universal One Light from which all emanates. How this manifests in our everyday life is the stuff of evolutionary awakening. We are constantly nudged towards accepting our divine inheritance and enabling this part of us to shine through, both to guide us and to beam a guiding light on the path of others.

This whole Meditation Focus has been archived for your convenience at

2. MEDITATION TIMES i) Global Meditation Day: Sunday at 16:00 Universal Time (GMT) or at noon local time. Suggested duration: 30 minutes. Please dedicate the last few minutes of your Sunday meditation to the healing of the Earth as a whole. See the Earth as healthy and vibrant with life, and experience the healing of all relations as we awaken globally to the sacredness of all Life and to our underlying unity with All That Is. ii) Golden Moment of At-Onement: Daily, at the top of any hour, or whenever it better suits you.

May 17, 2007

How's Your Gratitude?

My sweet Isabelle (from my latest "Get What You Want" ezine success spotlight) shared a little story today that made me realize my level of gratitude may be coming up short. At least compared to hers!

We all have fun manifesting cool parking spots when we're out and about, but what about it? I realized I probably took it for granted when Isabelle told me her parking story. After starting a new morning practice of intending how her day would unfold, she rolled into work to get THE primo park spot. Which never happens, she says.

I suggested as she begin this practice of intending how her day unfolds that she flow some gratitude for all the things that she noticed going right throughout the day. She said, "Well, after I got that parking spot I got out of the car and did a little dance." lol

Did a little dance?? Sweetheart!! You make me proud!! I never once have danced over my prime parking spot, but you had better believe I will next time! And this from the girl who just manifested virtually $100,000 last week. Dancing at her rock star parking. I have some nerve to remind you to be grateful. lol

I learn so much from you guys!! Can you feel my love? Immense. Truly immense.

Latest Client Favorites

Man, I love my job! Couple of cool stories from my favorite clients today (shared with permission):

Tim wants to attend a seminar that costs $12,000. He just bought his dream house, so coming up with $12k felt like an uncomfortable stretch. So he asked the Universe to pay for it.

Days later he finds out he's the recipient of a management award at work, which comes along with a cash gift of $12,000. You know what this smart aleck emailed me? "Well, that's PRE-TAX, so it's not really the full amount." Funny guy you are, Tim.

He's signed up for his course as of tonight. (Yay!)

Also tonight an email from a client who's been intending for two weeks now that she'd meet someone new. Sharon was very specific about what she wanted in this guy. She tends to be shy and reticent in meeting new people, so this was a big goal for her.

A girlfriend took her to a club last night, where she immediately spotted Him. She knew it was Him as soon as she laid eyes on Him. He was everything she'd put on her list, as far as looks and demeanor went. She decided to channel Angelina Jolie for some extra sexy in her vibe. And since she didn't want to have to approach him (it was too far out of her comfort zone), she intended he'd approach her.

Which he did. (Don't you love it when that happens?!)

Long story short, they had a great time getting to know each other that night, and he asked her to call so they could meet up again. The next morning she discovered she'd entered his number with only nine digits in her phone. AARGH!! (Don't you hate it when that happens?!)

She intends she'll come up with the missing digit. Doesn't happen.

She decides to skip class that night and exercise her manifesting muscle instead. She takes a cab to where he mentioned he was staying, and intends she'll see him coming out of his hotel for dinner. (Now that's FAITH to the 10th degree!) Cab pulls up and guess who's walking out of the hotel? Him. Absolute perfect timing! He's happy to see her, she gets his number, and she has a great little manifesting story to tell her coach.

I love it when that happens. : )

Fun side note: someone today told her she LOOKED like Angelina Jolie. (I'd love it if that ever happened.)

May 12, 2007

Thinking Positive or Irresponsible?

A good friend is in dire financial straits. He's behind on his mortgage and not making enough to cover basic monthly bills, like food and gas. This guy is also very LOA savvy. He knows the power of his thoughts.

So he knows not to worry about money.

Which is what he's been doing the last several months - not worrying. But he also hasn't been acting. He's been trusting everything's going to work out just fine, and doing what he always does. Goes to work, covers the bills he can, and tries not to worry.

He's actually been doing such a great job of not worrying that everyone around him is starting to do it for him. I myself asked a couple times what his plan is. He just responds with, "Please don't send that energy my way."

Okay, I get it.

Don't worry. Sure.

But the financial planner in me, the cautious Capricorn in me, and as the friend whose couch he's likely to end up sleeping on, I can't help but feel it's irresponsible to not take SOME sort of action after five missed mortgage payments. Like reducing expenses - increasing income - refinancing - phoning creditors - exploring bankruptcy .. something!

Now, I take pride in saying action is overrated in getting what we want. I know James Ray says if we just sit on our couch just visualizing, they'll repo our couch. And that Mike Dooley talks about taking inspired action preferably, but ANY action at a minimum, to give the Universe something to work with. And I really think they're making it harder than it needs to be.

Because my experience is most of us already have the action part of the formula handled. Action is so ingrained in our programming, that we're usually better served by focusing on adjusting our THOUGHTS and FEELINGS to get what we want.

But in my friend's case, I'm ready to quote some Ray and Dooley. He's flowing the good thoughts about money, but jeez, isn't it time to take some action? If I were his coach, he'd be getting an earful from me. Since he's a friend (and I'm committed to not offering unsolicited coaching), I'll do as he asked and limit the worry energy I send his way.

Bottom line is that if it doesn't feel good for him to take action to address things, it isn't likely to help his situation. I think many people would find, though, that taking some action makes it that much easier to feel better - more reason to believe things will improve.

It's worth asking of ourselves, though, about how we're balancing out the manifesting formula in our lives. Are you combining inspired action with right thought? Or are you missing part of the formula?

If things aren't going your way, it's worth checking in on. How are your thoughts? And what actions are you taking? If you're having trouble seeing things objectively, ask a friendly someone outside the situation who can offer you that objective perspective. When we get a good combination of action and thought, we're absolutely unstoppable.

May 10, 2007

My Wild Siamese

Last month the local animal shelter asked me to foster a very pregnant feral (wild) cat. This beautiful Siamese mom now has six healthy and thriving kittens. Which I am DYING to play with now that they're starting to walk and play! They are SO cute!

But their mom has other ideas. She doesn't want me anywhere near her or her babies. Last night she let me know she was serious, and I walked away with several bleeding scratches.

So this morning I'm looking at this ferocious mom, and her darling kittens (one of whom is already hissing, too), and realizing if they hang out with her too long they won't be adoptable.

Then I think about how that happens to us, too. How when we hang out with certain kinds of people, we pick up their traits, which become ingrained within. That we sometimes carry for life.

You know, we show up here on our birthday, knowing everything's cool and it's a friendly Universe and all, and then along the way we learn to hiss and bite and scratch and defend.

But what I like about us is that we have the ability to change. I haven't had much luck taming feral cats in my 15 years of animal rescue. I actually don't even try any more if they're over 4 months old. But no matter how old WE are, there is always hope for change.

I talk with 70+ year old clients who are learning for the first time in their lives how to trust. I meet with 40+ year old executives who are realizing there's more love out there than they've been letting in. Not to mention my 20+ year old clients who are breaking new ground on their own.

We are such a fascinating species, capable of SO much! When we find ourselves somewhere we don't want to be, we're not stuck. We're not doomed. We can change. In fact, we ARE changing!

And surely, since we humans are so smart, I can figure out how to tame these kitties without upsetting mom and taking on any more scars. lol

Here's to changing the habits that don't serve us; releasing the patterns that keep us from the love and excitement and joy that await us, so we can live the lives we had in mind when we signed up for this go-round on Planet Earth.

May 8, 2007

What's Your Catch Phrase?

My partner invited me to keep him company for a couple holes on his golf tournament this weekend. Hmm, I'll be swearing like a sailor if I'm not careful on this post.

So I go out with him. As soon as we pull up to hole #11 (I think it was), he starts talking about this awful tree halfway down the fairway. He's talking about it with the other players, and they're complaining about how it needs to be trimmed, because it's right in the way, and it's everyone's nemesis. And everyone's got a story about how it stopped them from making a great shot.

Okay, are you kidding me? Who has he been dating this last year??! Apparently not someone who taught him that his thoughts are things that create his reality! My WORD!

He takes his shot, and what do you think happens? The only thing that COULD happen when you hate that tree! When you talk about that awful tree and how it costs you your shot! Yes, he hit the tree and it ruined his shot.

And then HE was swearing like a sailor.

So when he's back in the cart I say, "Sweetie, you need to make friends with that tree." I can hardly even watch this any more! Has he not learned ANYTHING from me?!

Apparently not.

Because a couple holes later I hear him shout "for ONCE in my LIFE!" and he meant that for once in his life could he please have the shot work out. And of course, yes, he gets to have that happen once in his life because that's what he's MANIFESTING by using that phrase over and over. So yes, it's gonna happen ONCE, sweetie. ONCE in your life. And apparently that time is not today.

Man, I'm getting riled up.

Deep breath.

Here's the good news.

The next day as I drop him off at the golf course, I ask, "What are we doing today, Sweetheart?"

He's a good student while he's in the car. Once he's on the course all bets are off, but in the car he says, "I'm making friends with the tree."

Oh, that's good. THANK YOU.

Thank you thank you thank you.

And then he adds, "But I really don't like the looks of that wind."

Oh jeez. The flags were flying straight out - it was windy - but do we really have to manifest the wind ruins the game now, instead of the tree? Oh my WORD!

So I say, "Okay, so you're making friends with the tree and what else??"

"The wind," he says with a tone like he would to a teacher he makes fun of as soon as she turns her back.

Okay, I'm going hiking.

When I return, he reports that his score was even worse than the day before, BUT - on the shot with the tree, the ball sailed right through the branches. And the wind was not a factor in his awful score.

So there's hope.

There is always hope.

I tell this story because I want you to hear for YOUR catch phrases, and check in on what they're bringing you. I got a couple myself that could probably use tweaking, but ... until I'm dating an annoying attraction coach, I'll probably be deaf to them. lol

Aren't we the most fascinating creatures?! I'm SO in love with us!!! And yes, you too, Sweetie, no matter how much you try to ignore me. : )

May 7, 2007

My Dryer Can Talk

It's not often that I unplug completely, but that's exactly what I did this last weekend. No cell phone, no computer, no blackberry.

For that reason I felt pressure to wrap up several projects before I shut down for the weekend. Plus, my foster cat was going to her first adoption event, and I had to drop her off there. Not sure which of us was more upset about that. (I hate leaving them behind in the cage.)

My point is, I was stressed out. There were 30 more things I wanted to get done, AND I wanted to be on the road well before dark in order to get out of the canyon in the light.

But, with daylight dwindling, and 23 projects still to go (slight exaggeration), the phone ringing nonstop, I just felt more and more frazzled. I hadn't even had a shower for the day!!

And then my dryer broke. Completely stopped working.

That was my sign. "Jeannette, you're toast." Go relax. You're not doing anyone any good now. Slow down, take it easy, and find your feel good.

I called my ex, who was watching my dogs for the weekend. Asked if he'd mind drying my clothes at his house. He knows what my broken dryer meant: that I had short-circuited.

"For God's sake," he said, "take a shower and get some sleep. Leave in the morning. RELAX!"
That's what a getaway weekend is all about anyway, right? Relaxing, unwinding ... it was ridiculous what I was putting myself through to get there.

So I took my shower and then decided I would enjoy the drive in the dark. I knew my dryer would be working again as soon as I was. (Even though my boyfriend said that a 15 year old dryer just needs to be replaced.) I knew it would return to optimal functioning as soon as I did.

Which it did.

I love how my dryer talks to me. If ever I ignore my own warning signals, there's my household appliances ready to pass the message along. : )

May 2, 2007

Loving These Tunes

In the spirit of keeping life light and easy, I wanted to share one of my latest feel good finds with you. (As promised in my May 1 ezine issue - you can sign up at

My good friend, Melanie Poole, sent an e-card from last month that had THE most wonderful music playing in the background. I checked it out, and it turns out the CD was for sale. So I immediately ordered a copy, and THEN read the artist's site.

Mark Romero's site says that his guitar music contains special energy frequencies, and that a former NASA scientist has proven it can harmonize people's lives, create wellness and higher levels of consciousness.

Sounds like a bold claim to me.

But I'm telling you, there's something about this music!

You can catch a sample at

(Thanks for leading me to my latest inspiration, Melanie!) : )