April 30, 2007

Lessons from the Scale

One of my favorite lessons this year is being taught me by my scale.

I never owned a scale until my best friend bought me a makeup mirror for Christmas years ago (which is like gifting me with earrings - I'll simply NEVER use it), so I returned it and came home with a scale instead.

It used to stay in the basement, but my boyfriend likes to check in on his weight regularly, so I brought it upstairs for him. And of course, I now find myself on it more than I used to.

You know Abraham's advice to only take measurements when you're sure you'll like what you see, right? Yeah, I follow that. It's just too easy to be deflated by disappointing numbers.

Well, after a couple weeks of standing on it now and again, I discovered that if I moved the scale just a few inches, I got a COMPLETELY different number. You'd laugh if you saw me pushing that thing all over the kitchen floor finding the highest and the lowest numbers. It was ridiculous.

(Well, it still is. I do it every time.)

At first I didn't know what to make of it, but then I started getting frustrated. How was I supposed to know what I weighed?? I mean, I haven't been to a doctor in years, and even if I remembered what they weighed me in at - that was with clothes on and after eating. (Do I sound neurotic about accurate weight? Yeah.)

So how do I know how much I weigh?? What if I've been wrong all these years? How will I ever know my true weight?

And as I asked those questions, I then thought "Wow, what if I didn't ever know?" And ... this is a mind blower ... "What if it didn't matter??"

What if I had no idea what different numbers "meant"? For that matter, what if I didn't know my size? Or my measurements? Or how much money I made? Or how old I was?

What if I could live completely free from the meaning of the numbers in my life?

Wow ... what if ... huh?

(I say "YES!")

So maybe it starts with that scale going back to the basement. Or better yet, in the giveaway box.

Or maybe I just keep it in the skinny spot. lol

I don't know! Like I said, I'm still learning this lesson.

In the meantime, go ahead and ask me how old I am. I think I can have fun with that one. (hee hee)

April 26, 2007

How to Get Fired

Earlier this week I finally got around to reading a couple articles in the latest issue of "Choice" magazine (professional coaching trade journal). This issue was dedicated to handling difficult clients, and the article I read was about different ways to handle the ending of a coaching relationship.

Author Melanie DewBerry-Jones' opening sentence of the article talks about how just as she was finishing writing this article (about clients leaving), a client called to end their coaching relationship.

My first thought was "Helloooo - what do you think's gonna happen when you write an article about getting fired?"

You know where this is going, don't you?

I hadn't even finished the whole article, but my second session for the day was with someone who told me she's "done." lol

Hellloooooo!! What do you THINK'S gonna happen when you read an article about getting fired?

I crack myself UP!

So ... thought it was worth mentioning so we can all be more deliberate and intentional about what we read/vibrate.

Happy Thursday to y'all!

PS - for those of you who listened to my audio postcard mailed out late last night, NO, you are not the difficult client I referenced. lol My inbox has almost as many former clients writing to say "was it me?" as I had requests to join the High Demand class I was promoting. No, it wasn't you. (Next time I'll ask permission to use a name instead of just the story.) But you guys are really cute thinking you were such difficult clients! lol YOU crack me up!

April 24, 2007

Rhonda and Katie

If you're familiar with Byron Katie's Work, you may have wondered how (or whether) the Inquiry process works with the Law of Attraction.

I myself use Katie's process personally and with clients as a tool for releasing thoughts that keep us stuck in a vibrational pattern that doesn't serve. (If you're not familiar with her questions, it's basically to question your painful thought with 1) is it true? 2) can you know that it's true? 3) how do you feel when you think that thought? and 4) who would you be if you couldn't think that thought?)

Katie's recent
post about the Secret is more focused on the movie than the Law of Attraction itself, it seems. But it inspired me to offer my two cents' worth on how the Work and LOA fit together.

Along with Sedona Method, EFT, ho'oponopono and various other release techniques, I believe The Work has the potential to help us free ourselves from thoughts that generate lower vibrations within us. As we use whatever technique best suits us to release these negative thoughts, we can more easily embrace thoughts (i.e. a new vibration) more in alignment with the good things we've been wanting.

I'm wondering if Katie doesn't do a lot of deliberate creation, because she's more focused on accepting reality than creating it. As Abraham would say, there is great power in making peace with what is, but that seems to me just the first step. So much more is possible for us when we embrace our creative powers!!

Yes, the habit of not fighting against reality is surely a peaceful one. And THEN ... I'm going to usher in a reality that really floats my boat. I mean, I am. I don't know what anyone else wants to do - but that's where I'm headed next. And that doesn't mean I don't accept reality. It just means I have fun molding it, all the while perfectly accepting (okay, not perfectly - but that's where Katie's help comes in) what is present now.

I think Rhonda and Katie make a pretty good combination.

And I'm open (as Katie might say) to other perspectives. Your thoughts?

April 22, 2007

Sweeties Who Contra-Manifest

My sweetie thinks I tend to make him look bad when I write about him, so he deserves a mention for the mini-miracle he pulled off Friday night. He was 2 and a half hours late for our dinner/movie date because he decided to get 18 rounds of golf in after work.

Is it 18 rounds? Or is one round 18 holes? I don't know.

Anyway - he was late. Significantly late. He prepped me for it, told me hours in advance, but I was still a little .. mm, put off. (Now if I were writing about HIM, I might use stronger languaging about how mad he would have been. But it's me, so I'm calling it just a mild "put off." Which I think is mostly accurate. Sort of.)

By the time he showed up, I KNEW the restaurants would be busy (30 minute waits are typical in downtown Salt Lake on Fridays & Saturdays) and I'm not a big fan of waiting. And I also KNEW the movie would be sold out because it was opening weekend, and a busy theater. So I knew we were screwed.

But look at this guy ignore me ...

He said it was going to be just FINE. In fact, HE knew that there would be reserved seating, so we could pick up movie tickets before we found a quick bite to eat.

Well sure, I said, we can get a quick bite to eat - we can grab some junk food in a heartbeat, but that's not what I had in mind for food. I wanted something healthier than that.

Plus, I said I wasn't so sure they had reserved seating at this theater.

So here I am counter-manifesting the good stuff he's trying to pull off. All because I'm put off that he's 2.5 hours late for our date.

Okay, let's face it, I was more than put off. I was ticked off and wanting to make it all worse to prove to him what a bad idea it is to be 2.5 hours late.

But he's doing a great job of ignoring me. He can see me being all kinds of contrary, but he's not giving up. He keeps his good vibe going.

(This is embarrassing! lol)

He does what he's seen me do plenty of times ... keeping attention on what he WANTS instead of what he DOESN'T want.

He reiterates, so Universe hears him loud and clear - and me too, that there WILL be reserved seating, and we'll easily find good food to eat before dinner.

Then we get stuck in a big long line of traffic to even pull into the complex. (For locals, we were headed to Gateway and got stuck in a line of traffic on the 4th South off ramp.)

So now I'm SURE our night is ruined. I hope that golf was worth it, buddy. Because now we have to pick between dinner or a movie - there's no way we can do both. And frankly, I was looking forward to both. My night's pretty much ruined, so that means his is too.

And I remind him, if he tries to take me to a movie without food in my stomach, I am going to be ORNERY by the end, because I am not a happy camper when I am hungry, which I am guaranteed to be by the end of this show. And there is nothing remotely healthy we can grab quick. So now what?

(Am I a fun date or what?!)

He's not phased. He's seen me do this enough times to know how this miracle stuff works.

He says out loud again: "We'll pick up reserved seating tickets, we'll find good food, it'll all work out perfectly." As we're stuck in a long line of s-l-o-w moving traffic.

When we finally pull in to parking, it's backed up even there, and he suggests I run out to buy the tickets while he parks. "I don't think so," I say, without even offering a reason. (Normally, I'm the antsy one jumping out before he even slows down to score tickets before it sells out. But I'm being contrary tonight.)

That would bring most men right to my level (BAD mood) in a hurry. But not this guy.

Long story short, too late for that perhaps - but turns out the seating is not only reserved, but we get our choice of prime time seats. I pick out my favorite place to sit - two thirds up and right in the center.

"I told you they'd have reserve seating," he whispers sweetly to me. He doesn't even rub it in. Well, let's see him pull off the food miracle.

Which he did. CPK had a line out the door and no seating at the bar, but Rumbi's had NO line and open tables. And I like the veggie & tofu bowl with brown rice and Bali Island sauce. Which I haven't had in a while. I order the chocolate cake to go with it. That helps my mood in a hurry.

We enjoyed a leisurely fairly healthy dinner (at least mine was - yes, chocolate is healthy in MY world) - and had enough time before the previews even started for my date to point out how everything worked out just fine, despite my lack of cooperation.

You're right, honey. You are a Miracle Manifestor. Maybe next time you can manifest getting your golf in AND being on time for our date. : )

OR, maybe the bigger miracle could be ME not getting phased because you're late due to golfing, or at least getting on board with a good night when I've got such good help to make it happen. Sure do love you. : )

April 21, 2007

Dad's Miracle Diet

So my dad stopped by this afternoon after returning from his trip to Oregon, and mentioned that although he gained a few pounds while away, they were quickly dropping as he returned to his regular diet. (Basically high protein and low sugar.) He thinks he's found the answer to maintaining ideal weight - a high protein diet.

I mentioned that his high protein diet works because he believes it works. It isn't the protein or the low sugar that's magic, it's HIM that's magic. When we do what we believe will work, we're golden!

Which he proved by adding that mom's also losing weight on HER eating plan, which is basically the exact opposite of his. (Lots of fruit and veggies.) It's working for her because she believed it would (or might).

Knowing this gives us two options: we can either check in on our current beliefs and do what's in alignment with them, OR we can adjust our beliefs to match our current actions - to get the results we want.

For example, if I believed my daily chocolate habit was keeping me from my ideal weight, then I could either give up chocolate OR I could adjust my belief. (Years ago I went with the latter. Chocolate is worth the effort to adjust my belief system - at least it is for ME.)

So are you acting in alignment with your beliefs? Not just on the topic of health, but in all areas of life? It might be a big clue as to where you can tweak things and get immediate results.

Like, if I believed I needed a hot shot resume in order to get the job I've got my eye on, I could either go to work on putting that resume together, OR I could adjust my belief that a great resume is required to get the position.

If I believed I had to give up my habit of independence in order to experience a successful relationship, then I can either change my independent ways, OR I could adopt a belief that independence and a fabulous relationship actually go GREAT together. Right?

I'd love to hear your experiences on this topic so others can benefit from what you've learned and experienced as well!

PS - I gotta congratulate Dad on finding his way to a belief about exercise that I really admire. He studies under some former Mr. America who promotes a 12 minute daily exercise routing to stay in tip top shape. 12 minutes?! Now THAT'S a belief headed in the right direction, if you ask me! lol

April 19, 2007

Getting a Wild Hair

I had a coach who used to call them "wild hair" intentions - those crazy, whimsical thoughts that you don't really give much thought to because they're so outlandish.

Having a wild hair intention is a fun way to get outside the box of your gremlin mind - the part of your brain that tells you what is possible and what is likely. That gremlin brain is often a show-stopper for some our big ideas.

Since our manifestation power lies in our ability to hold a thought, being able to get to that thought is what matters. That's all it takes to get the ball rolling. If you can't hold the thought, then you're handicapped in what you can create.

So having a wild hair intention is a nice little trick to get a hold of one of those thoughts.

Another way to get to the cool thoughts you might not otherwise have access to is by finishing the question: "Wouldn't it be cool if ... ?" Or "Wouldn't it be nice if ... ?" works too.

It might seem like those thoughts don't hold much power, but on the contrary, I often experience (as do my clients) that it's THOSE easy, fun, seemingly fleeting thoughts that take manifest first and fast!

For that reason, fleeting thoughts have become my favorite. The reason they work so well has to be that we don't have resistance (i.e. attachment) associated with those ideas. There's nothing stopping them from swooping right on in!

My suggestion to you is to play with this one yourself. Entertain a wild hair notion or a fleeting thought (pleasant ones, preferably) and then forget about them. Remember this post and visit again to share your stories!

In the meantime, happy manifesting!

Tigger's Success Secret

Did you ever think of Tigger as a deliberate creator's role model? It wasn't until last weekend that I realized Tigger epitomizes one of the manifestation success secrets: strong bounce-ability!

I tagged along with my boyfriend to Reno for the National Bowling Championship, where I watched several hundred competitors give it their best shot. (Thankfully, I'd remembered to set strong intentions for a good time
, because otherwise, that much bowling might have been a challenge to my "feel good!")

Cody is on my sweetie's squad; a friendly young guy who stands out as upbeat and optimistic. He is a pleasure to watch bowl, not only because he's good, but because he's rarely upset with "off" shots. He's got a smile ready after every throw.

After bowling teams and doubles, they started singles competition. (FYI, that's a lot of bowling!) Two strikes into the first of three games, Cody turned to his buddy with a smile and said, "34 more to go!"

Now, 36 strikes in a row is three perfect games. I thought he must be joking. I watched him in teams and doubles, and he's good - but I never saw anything close to a perfect game. The thing is he didn't say it in a joking tone. He said it in a "mean it" tone. You know the difference? (In fact, when was the last time you had a "mean it" tone? Universe likes those.)

So Cody calls out three perfect games, and then starts a roll like I've never seen before. At Nationals! That's a tough shot - even good bowlers don't do so well in this house. Halfway through his perfect game all eyes were on him, and I could feel the nervous energy building.

But I don't think he did. Or at least he didn't let it affect him. One strike after another after another!

Until his 11th shot, when he left one pin standing. Although he picked it up as a spare and shot a final strike, that one pin cost him a perfect game. It was heartbreaking to watch! But even after that one pin miss of a perfect game he had that smile ready.

As other competitors came over to shake his hand, I heard whispering about how awful it was that he choked right at the end. They weren't celebrating his great run, they just saw the failure. I myself was sick for what he just lost. I couldn't believe he was that close and missed it.

But you know what Cody said? With a big sincere smile? "That's okay, I'm startin' over!" Ha! Is that a first class Tigger bounce or what?!

What if we all looked at how well we did, and gave ourselves credit for what we DO accomplish, instead of dwelling on what's lost or "almost was"? And had fun regardless?! Cody didn't "miss" a perfect game by one pin. He had a fabulous run - at Nationals, no less! Can you feel the difference in perspectives? Honestly, a 289 at Nationals is pretty cool! And he had fun doing it.

When your natural tendency is to be hard on yourself, focusing on what you did "wrong" instead of the many things you can be proud of - a strong Tigger tail comes in handy. Practice your bounce, my friends. It's what allows us to enjoy the journey, and inevitably brings more good things our way.

April 18, 2007

Do Your Thing

A fellow coach asked me today how many hours I spend a week working. Is this a trick question?! Then I thought, well, maybe for some coaches it DOES feel like work. But my answer was that I haven't worked a single hour since I quit my corporate job.

"Very funny," he said, and rephrased his question: "How many hours do you spend on your practice?"


Oh, THAT! Yeah, lots. And love every minute of it.

But that's because I keep my face to the sun, go with what feels good, which is often talking to people about law of attraction. I mean, here it is after midnight on a "work" night (hee hee - "work" night - as IF!) and I still can't stop doing it!

(I'm a blogging fool already.)

Here's the thing. You know what I'm talking about when I say "work" doesn't feel like "work," right?

Doing the thing you love, that might look like work to someone else, but to you ... it's just .. "mm, mm, good"? You know what I'm talking about?

If you don't, oh ... you must try it! Find your thing. Do it. There's nothing like it!

What does your "feel good" look like? Can you introduce some into daily life?

If you can (which trust me, you can), it'll feed your spirit and nourish your soul like you've never experienced before.

Doing our thing ... is there anything more beautiful than that? I doubt it. Here are a couple clips I like along those lines. Can't forget Juan!

April 15, 2007

Shoulds and Have To's

I'm a big believer that life is more enjoyable when we live without "shoulds" and "have tos." But on a recent podcast interview I was asked by someone who shares that same philosophy how to handle it when you really really have to do something you'd rather not.

(She felt stuck finishing her school work for her master's degree. In the last few weeks, she experienced enormous resistance to doing the completion work.)

Hmm - is there anything we REALLY have to do? Probably not, except "be black and die," as Morgan Freeman's character said in one of his movies. (Which movie was that?)

After all, there truly isn't anything I HAVE to do. It is always a choice. And recognizing we have a choice is at least a little uplifting (to me, anyway), rather than believing we're stuck doing something we don't want to do.

When we adjust our thinking around the topic we're struggling against, even though we might not be able to change what we're dealing with in this red hot moment, just giving up that struggle allows a whole new chain of events to unfold. Right? If we stay in resistance, we just create more circumstances we don't like.

So ... there's something I have to do that I don't want to do? I don't think so. I COULD choose not to do my taxes, or get the car's oil changed, or finish my degree. It is my choice.

But when I get a higher perspective on it, and can see why it is I might want to do it after all, the resistance I was feeling for it falls away. After all, I like to feel good, and man, will I feel fabulous after taxes are filed, the car's getting the TLC she deserves, and I've got that degree under my belt! (Well, the degree thing doesn't really do much for me, but you know what I mean.)

Connecting with the "why" (or higher purpose) of the thing we're resisting may help get us through the feelings of "shoulds" and "have tos."

But in the meantime, I enjoy the thought of earning the title "Queen of Choice." After all, there isn't anything we really have to do, is there? Except maybe die eventually. And I'm not even buying "grow old and die." I think growing old is optional, too. I'm choosing to opt out of that one.

George Burns reminded me of that with his quote I saw at the health food store yesterday: "Young. Old. Just words."

PS - I don't even "have to" grow older every year. This year I decided to be 27. (Again. It's been a favorite of mine a couple of times.) And I'm not even waiting till my September birthday. I picked it already. This choice was also inspired by a quote on a magnet from the health food store: "How old would you be if you didn't know how old you were?" How cool a thought that we get to choose?! I'm going with it! : )

April 12, 2007

Who Says We Can't?

Joe Pelton is somethin' else! I just stayed up too late watching this 29 year old kid win the Legends of Poker WPT Championship. (Yeah, it was a rerun from last August, but it was new to me.)

Not only was he the youngest and least experienced, but also the only amateur at the final table. Apparently he was just introduced to poker a few years ago when he watched the first World Poker Tour Championship.

Here he was sitting amongst true LEGENDS of poker at the final table, playing for a $1.6 million dollar first prize after putting up $500 to get in on satellite play (whatever that is). "Calm, cool and collected" is what they called him, and deservedly so. His profile online says he played internet poker with college buddies before he bought in to a competition, and it didn't take him long to get to the top.

Who says we can't?! Who says it can't be done? Who says we don't know enough, are too old or too young, or don't have the resources to make it happen? We do! Anything is possible when we tap into our passions and possibilities!

I just love watching nice guys and underdogs win!

At the end of the show the announcer asked how he felt. "I feel pretty good tonight," Joe said. Still playing it cool.

Here's to feeling pretty good - every night - all of us!

April 10, 2007

What's In a Name?

Today, April 10th, is officially "Prevent Cruelty to Animals" Day (commemorating the founding of the ASPCA in 1866). Prevent cruelty to animals day.


What are we vibrating when we read that?

It has to be cruelty to animals, isn't it?

It's just like I can't say "no purple triangles" without you flashing on a visual of a purple triangle. It's the way our brains work.

Which is why I would have LOVED to have been on the committee naming the group here in Utah that received upwards of 9 million dollars in grant money to solve the homeless pets problem. It ended up being called "No More Homeless Pets." Nice.

The goal in the late 90s was to end euthanasia statewide in five years. It's 2007 and they've reduced it something like 33% . Nine MILLION dollars. I think I would have liked to have seen more bang for my buck on that one.

It's not just the name, of course. The intentions of the people involved obviously came heavily into play as well. Were we fighting against the problem, or investing positive energy in the solution? Some might think that's the same thing.

Last week a sweet girl emailed me an invite to join her new online group called "Animal Cruelty." I thanked her for the invite and told her just reading the name of the group made me cringe. (She's recently turned on to the Secret, and open to changing the name.)

What would be a better name? Best Friends Animal Sanctuary got it right, didn't they? Safe Haven for Pets. Home Safe. Even Protecting Our Pets would be better. Although the vibration of "protecting" still feels a little off, if you ask me.

Anyway, I'm sure there's a great way to commemorate all the good work lots of big-hearted people around the globe are doing to support our wonderful companions on planet earth. In the meantime, bless you all!

PS - I just found out Lynne's new group is officially called "Angels for Animals." THAT'S what I'm talkin' bout!! Doesn't that feel better?!

April 9, 2007

Neighbor's Gift

For the past several months my neighbor offered me a gift I did not see as such - until now. It's only within the last couple weeks I've started to see it for what it really is.

My 70-something year old neighbor has a grandson who got out of jail and needed a place to stay. I don't know how this arrangement came about, but he's sleeping in a tent in her backyard. Which officially makes him my closest neighbor. You could say I live next to a homeless guy. And his girlfriend. (Yeah, believe it or not, he's got a girlfriend in on this gig.)

I know it's strange to have people living in a tent next to your house, but I've had a while to get used to it. Almost a year, as a matter of fact.

The part I haven't gotten used to is the all night fighting between this homeless grandson and his girlfriend. It's deteriorated to the point where neighbors have called the police several times - twice by me.

Over the months I've gone from being irritated to angry to sympathetic to incredulous to angry again. I thought I heard a gunshot over there one day and thought "I hope she shot him." (What would Mr. Rogers say??)

Recently it dawned on me that I was asking them to do what I wasn't able to myself - be at peace. I wanted them to be quiet and get along. And yet, here I was, angry and noisy and fighting with them - even if just in my mind.

I recognized if I wanted peace, it had to start with me.

Now, it's taken me a few weeks to get there, but I have. In fact, while mowing the lawn the other day, I thought "I wonder how I could be a better neighbor to my homeless couple?" I thought I might ask them next time I saw them. Which was two seconds later when he waved me down at the fence.

As I walked over, he apologized for interrupting my lawn mowing and said he just wanted to apologize for being a noisy and disrespectful neighbor.

Wow! This stuff works fast!!

I told him I appreciated that, and asked how I could be a better neighbor to him. My question stunned him as much as his apology did me. He didn't know how to answer.

But it didn't matter that he didn't know how to guide me to peace. The other day as I sat on the front lawn enjoying the sun with the dogs, he and his girlfriend slowed down as they drove by to make sure I saw them waving hello. (Yeah, they have a car.)

And the next day we chatted at the fence again about nothing in particular - just good neighbor talk.

I don't know if they just fight more quietly, or if there's peace in the tent - but I haven't woken up in the middle of the night for ... well, I can't remember the last time they woke me up.

So my neighbor has gifted me with the opportunity to find peace within myself, and thus set the example for the world I want to live in. Thank God for neighbors willing to offer these gifts and opportunities, huh? Where would we be without them?

April 7, 2007

LOA at the Vet's Office

Koda Bear (my 5 month old chow pup love of my life, pride and joy) has been limping on a rear leg for the past week. I thought it was from something that happened at the groomer's, but when it didn't improve over the week, we finally made a vet appointment.

My vibe at the vet hasn't been great since I lost three cats and two dogs in a row over the last two years. Yeah, they were all older, and had the best of care, but I definitely don't have positive patterns of thought when it comes to vet visits lately.

Shadow and I managed to turn that around last month when he was checked for weight loss and upper respiratory, so I was at least somewhat hopeful that Koda and I could walk out with a clean bill of health.

As we waited for x-ray results, I thought about what I wanted. "I want Koda to be happy. I want him to have a full life. I want him to enjoy life. I want this to be no big deal."

I imagined the vet walking in and saying "Yep, looks good. He'll be fine soon."

Then I checked for attachment, and did a little Byron Katie Work just to make sure I was fine with whatever outcome.

In going through the whole process, I soon realized that hip dysplasia wasn't contrary to my wishes. Koda could have dysplasia and be happy. He could have bad hips and still enjoy a full life. Even with dysplasia it could be no big deal. Why did I care so much that he not have dysplasia?

So then I asked what I REALLY wanted. Was it really enough that Koda be happy? Or did I want a dog who could go on three hour walks with me? Yeah, I wanted that. Well, I already had that. Sadie's good to go. She can go all day. Did I want company for Sadie? Well, we've already got that, too. She's got lots of dog friends she walks with every day. It didn't have to be Koda.

As I'm sorting all this out, the vet comes in with the xray, showing very clear dysplasia in the left hip.


On the way home I realize the toll this is taking on my "feel good." How did I vibrate this? What's to be gained from Koda's handicap? Where did I go wrong?

My beliefs about how purebreds are more likely to suffer from genetic problems surface. I find some relief in realizing I really have adopted a dog who needed rescuing (I felt some guilt over keeping a completely adoptable puppy - that's kind of a no-no amongst my rescue friends).

I've been talking for the last five weeks in my Money Vibe group class about how my old money vibe was "It figures- if it's not one thing, it's another" and I realize I've totally reactivated it.

So yeah, I admit I'm in pretty damn good alignment with hip dysplasia for Koda Bear.

What next?

The only thing that can be next ... finding a better feeling thought.

Look, it's hip dysplasia. It's not the end of the world! He's still a happy guy! Look at that guy smiling with his head hanging out the window! Even if he never walked again, you could drive him all over town and he'll be thrilled. And look at him lighting up all these other people, who can't help but smile as they see this cute little white fluff ball with his half pink half purple tongue hanging out. He might very well inspire their only smile for the day.

And there's surgery for this. You're lucky you can buy it. And that you have the best vets in the state to do it. And Dr. Kirkland said his other hip looked great! And if he's not walking every day, that just means you've got someone watching the house all day. Permanent company for me here. And even if he dies young, that just makes room for another one. I of all people know we don't "die" - that we're just energy, and we just transform. So even that's not that big a deal.

And at least this isn't something YOU did. Not like you let him fall out the window or anything. It was in his genes. The vet said we didn't make it worse with all those walks at this young age. Nothing like that. It just is. And it's no big deal. He's a happy guy. You're a happy girl. You're still together. He's still smiling. You're still reaching for yours. It's all good, girlfriend. Cheer up! The sun will shine again.

April 2, 2007

Values in Reno

I'd told Russ I'd accompany him to National Bowling Championships in Reno. Have you ever been to Reno? Whoa. I hadn't, but it turns out what you hear about it is true.

Our departure date rolls around and I realize I'm not looking forward to it - for a variety of reasons. But it didn't feel good to cancel, so there was only one thing to do.

Change my attitude and intention about the experience.

Here's a little trick I learned a few years ago to transform unpleasant situations and experiences. Identify one or two of your core values, and set the intention that you will experience these values in action during the event.

Well, it was Reno, and it was a bowling tournament, so I didn't want to leave anything to chance. I picked FOUR of my top values, and held the intention that I'd experience all four during the trip. Connection, Inspiration, Learning and Nature.

That oughta do the trick.

So I held the intention lightly but with confidence as we left, and didn't think on it again.

Get this ...

It was one of my best weekends EVER! All four of my values came into play, to combine into a fabulous experience. Spending the whole time together created a really nice Connection for us (instead of being annoying, which would normally be the case when I spend that much time with any one person). Plus, I connected with other people as well.

If you read my April 3 ezine issue you'll know I was Inspired by Cody the bowler (aka Tigger). We also shopped in Tahoe (which is where I experienced my Nature value!! woo hoo!! That place is gorgeous! Huge pine cones on a beautiful trail by a lake so blue you can't believe it's real!) Anyway, that was Nature. But also in Tahoe we walked into an art gallery to find the painting I've been intending come into my life to inspire me. It was the kind of experience that gives me goose bumps. The story about the painting is a whole 'nuther post - but trust me, it was Inspiring with a capital "I"! Wow!

Last but not least was Learning, which I experienced from beginning to end as I finally had time at the airports to dive into a book that's been on my shelf for some time: "This Year I Will .. " by MJ Ryan. Very cool book about incorporating change in life once and for all.

So that's how that works. When you're headed for something you're not looking forward to, remember to pick out a value or two to honor and it'll transform your experience of it. This stuff works like magic. : )

April 1, 2007

Amping Up Self Worth

Clients have heard my stories of cool things happening in my life within 12 hours of first practicing "I am worthy" affirmations in writing. It used to be one of my favorite ways to turn up the "self love" volume, partially because it was short and simple, but also because writing is a powerful manifestation technique for me.

Since then, I've also become a fan of Jack Canfield's mirror exercise from his Success Principles. (I always thought mirror exercises were corny, but holy hannah - it works! Try for yourself!)
Here's how it goes: before bed, look yourself in the mirror - eye to eye - and acknowledge yourself for all that you accomplished that day. Name everything you feel good about or did "right." Toot your horn! Express pride in yourself!

Jack did this for 40 days and found all his negative self-talk totally vanished. (Yay!)

It basically boils down to improving the way you talk to yourself. Throughout the day practice talking to yourself the way you would someone you love unconditionally. (My litmus test is "Would I say this to an orphaned kitten or my imaginary daughter?") If you wouldn't say it to someone you love, don't say it to yourself. Learn unconditional love and acceptance for yourself. It's what lands you solidly in the space of allowing.

What Would You Do?

If you knew how to make life sail so smoothly you would never again want for anything, could you do it?

Would you embrace it as a way of living? Letting all the good stuff in? Or would you feel guilty about living a charmed life while friends and family remained stuck in a world of lack and scarcity?

Sounds ridiculous doesn't it? Holding ourselves out from life's rewards just because everyone else isn't in on it, too. But you might be surprised at your reaction when things start to get really good.

I was tested on this recently when I dreamed my name was called out as a third place raffle winner. As the audience clapped, I thought, "Cool!" Then my name was called again as the second place winner. Hmm. Less enthusiastic applause that time, as people became suspicious. When my name was announced a third time as the grand prize winner, the audience began booing. I was not only embarrassed, I felt like a total outcast!

In my dream, by the time I snuck my way to the officials box to claim my three prizes, hiding from the disgusted audience along the way, officials had given the prizes to someone more grateful and open to receiving. (And my bag was stolen in the meantime!)

A fellow LOA coach told me her real life similar story. She deliberately intended herself as a winner, but when her name was called out not once, but three times as a prize winner (winning an expensive trip among other cool things), she was so embarrassed she wanted to hide under the table.

How good are we willing to let it be? Are we really willing to live the life of our dreams, in the midst of a world that (some would argue) isn't? Can you enjoy the deliciousness of life while others struggle with debt, disease and depression?

Knowing you're worthy of the good stuff is crucial to letting it in. Not letting others' negative reactions to your good fortune shut you down is also important to stay aligned with success.

I thought I had this one nailed, but realized my dream reflected subconscious guilt over having a thriving coach practice (just what I manifested!) while many others struggle. Over having a body that - let's face it, rocks! (hey, just what I asked for!) - while others are embroiled in diet and exercise traps. In hearing girlfriends complain about men trouble, and feeling like the lucky one who always gets what she wants (yeah, I manifested that too). How did I deserve all this?

When we get our vibe cleaned up and attention focused on what we want, the good stuff comes. Be prepared to deal with it! Could you step up to claim three prizes in a row? In front of a booing audience? If we don't feel worthy of it, we could sabotage it right out of our lives.

Struggling With a Naysayer?

Clients often ask, now that they're turned on to the law of attraction, how to get a spouse or close friend to embrace deliberate creation too. After all, it's easier to practice when those close to us are on board with what we're up to, right?

Yeah, probably. But live and let live, huh? I usually suggest they not push it on anyone, live the example, others will figure it out eventually, etc. Easy words to preach until my boyfriend joined the ranks of naysayers last week.

My boyfriend! The guy I spend most of my free time with! Doesn't believe in the law of attraction?! I could hardly believe my ears. He maintains I heard him wrong, but I distinctly recall hearing "thought alone cannot result in physical manifestation."

Come again??

He repeated it for me. "You cannot sit in that chair and create a million dollars just by thinking about it." He was hot (not in a sexy boyfriend way) and vehemently adamant.

"Oh yeah? You wanna watch me??" That's what I thought, but I didn't say it because I was in shock to realize I was sleeping with a non-believer.

I mean, it's fine for my clients to be married to someone who thinks they're up in the night to believe thoughts are things - but not me! My entire LIFE is built on the principles of law of attraction. How could I share it with someone who thought I was high? How could my partner not believe in what my entire life was founded on? And how was I just learning this after eight months together?

The things is, now that the Secret's not a secret, plenty of deliberate creators are experiencing backlash from those who aren't on board. Joe Vitale wrote about this in a recent blog. The Manifest Life people, just for the humor factor, forwarded an angry letter from a non-believer who attacked Oprah for spreading evil (because she believes and shares the Secret).

Well, hey, Galileo was imprisoned for suggesting earth was not the center of the Universe and Louis Pasteur was ridiculed for believing in germs. So it's not unusual we would take heat for an idea that scrambles people's understanding of reality. Part of the package in walking the leading edge, I guess.

So what to do when the one you love thinks you're off your rocker? I don't have all the answers, but here's what worked for me:

  • Don't get defensive. They're not attacking you, although it might sound that way. They're just taking a while longer to get used to the idea of a round planet. Cut 'em some slack. We were in the dark once upon a time, too. ; )
  • Find your common ground. Instead of focusing on the problem, look at what you agree on. For example, my guy (thinks he) understands the power of right thought. And I was quick to agree that inspired action is a critical part of successful manifesting. Common ground is good.
  • Live and let live. Everyone gets to choose for themselves what to believe. Resisting your partners' beliefs just makes them that more stuck. You say tomato, I say tomatoe - we can still get along.
  • My favorite way for someone to see the light about the power of thought is to simply invite them to pay attention. Especially if I have no attachment to their realization, people usually see quite readily how their thoughts, expectations and beliefs come to fruition.
Last, a word about the power of thought and the role of action in creating what we want. Could I manifest a million dollars just by sitting in my chair thinking about it? The answer is if I can imagine it, it can happen. But it's more likely I'd get tired of sitting in the chair after an hour or so, and go do something I enjoyed. Which is what would lead to my million if I maintained that desire. My boyfriend would point to the "feel good" action as the reason I made a million bucks. I'd point to the thought (just to prove my point), and we'd both be right. Bottom line is they're a powerful combination: right thought and inspired action. Just like me and my guy. ; )

Are You Letting Money In?

How's your relationship with money these days? If money could talk, what would it say about you? Have you told it lately you love it? Is it good to you? Or do you take each other for granted, have a love/hate relationship, or maybe pretend to ignore each other?

If you want to change the way money shows up in your life, change your relationship with it. Let's make friends with money once and for all.

What is money, anyway? You know this one - it's the same thing everything is: energy. That's it. Period. Nothing tricky, good, bad, right or wrong. It's just energy.

But that's not what we've made up about it, is it? We inherited stories about money that make it out to be some big hairy deal. We think it's hard to come by, we gotta be careful with it, it's the root of all evil, etc. Listen, money isn't any different than everything else in the world. When we relax about money, it comes to us as easily as everything else we don't have a charge on.

For example, I like dogs. They show up for me in abundance (to my absolute delight). In fact, just today an ex-fiance asked me to take his 8 month old golden lab. You know why this happens? Because I love dogs, they love me, Universe feels me on that and delivers.

Can you imagine your ex stopping by to unload some cash on you? Can you visualize him telling you he's got this extra money he hasn't been able to manage, the neighbors are complaining, and it would be really helpful and he'd be big time grateful if you'd just take this money off his hands?

If you had an easy, abundant story about money, trust me - it would happen.

What do you have a nice easy story about? Friends? Shoes? Bottled water? Can you imagine feeling that same way about money? See if you can spot the difference in how you feel about something abundant in your life versus money. Is there a difference? If not, you're probably rolling in the green stuff. If there is a difference, this is your wake-up call to change your money vibe.

Money flows easily when we change our thinking about it. I think about money the way I do dogs. I love it. It's all good. There's lots of it. In fact, lots of folks don't know how to handle it properly, and it naturally finds its way to me. I love taking care of it. I never have too much of it. You don't know what to do with it? Call me. I've got a system; I'm connected; I can help.

Can you feel the vibe I'm running about money? It's as easy as dogs.

Now for those of you who flinched in reading that prior paragraph because it felt greedy, immoral or uncomfortable, you might want to check in on your money vibe. There's nothing wrong with money. Life works well when we have it. Would you blame someone for amassing more than "their share" of postcards? Probably not, huh? Take the charge off money. It's just energy. There's plenty of it for all of us. All we gotta do is let it in.

What do you have an abundance of? What comes easily to you? Translate that feeling to how you feel about money and it'll show up in droves. Change the way you feel about money, and money has to change the way it treats you.

Are We Having Fun Yet?

Do you tend to make things harder than they are? With your manifesting, too? If so, you have good company.

But just because lots of us do it, doesn't mean you want to keep it up. How cool would it be if you approached deliberate creation with the simplicity and ease of, say - eating a bowl of cereal? Or playing with the dog?

I remembered how easily we can complicate life when my sweetie took me bowling last weekend. He's a good bowler, competing with the best in the state, while I'm happy to break 100. He offered to improve my game with a little coaching. No one better to learn from, right?

But before we were even three frames into the game he told me several things I needed to change. "Shake hands with the ceiling when you release, get 'behind it' (?), stand on the second dot and shoot for the third arrow (which side do I count from again?), don't look at the pins (don't look at the pins? really??), watch the ball after release, and follow through with your arm (what?). I was also supposed to have some sort of "hook" action going on with this new custom ball he'd given me for Christmas.

All right, I was quickly understanding why bowling and beer go hand in hand. In fact, I sent my coach for a drink, and immediately appreciated his absence. How had I bowled all those years doing so many things wrong? I used to think this was fun? Bowling was hard stuff!

I knew I was in trouble when my third gutter ball inspired a bad word right in front of the 7 year old girls in the neighboring lane. (It's a good thing those alleys are noisy.)

Wait a minute! Swearing in front of little girls? Getting anxious about my score? This was not me. As I looked at what led to the erosion of my good time at the bowling alley, I wondered if I did the same thing with LOA. Was I critical and overwhelming? Did I have a talent for turning the simple and straightforward into an insurmountable challenge? Did I eliminate the fun by focusing on perfecting the technique?

Luckily my coach/sweetie is a good read of my mood, and after lip-reading my four letter word, quickly gave me new instruction: "Forget everything I said, and just have fun."

"Forget everything?" I questioned. "What about shaking hands and standing on the right arrow and ... ?" "Relax and have fun," he repeated. Okay, he's the coach.

I gave up all prior instruction, approached the pins with the new command to "have fun," and finished the game with a couple of decent balls. It was still one of my lowest scores ever (at least I think so - I didn't really used to keep track of scores, but it seems like it's been a while since I bowled 63). And I reflected on how easy it is to get caught up in "doing it right." In improving and proving ourselves, in wanting to impress others, and win the affection and acceptance of those we love. And in leaving the whole purpose of life (having fun!) out of the lives we live.

So my question to you is, "Are you having a good time?" Are you taking the enjoyment out of life by trying to "do it right?" Remember to relax and enjoy the process of life and of deliberate creation. This isn't as hard as we sometimes make it out to be.

It's just like in skydiving: when you're tense, you tumble. When you relax, you naturally arch and freefall becomes graceful, easy and enjoyable. Our default is set to success, so when we stop twiddling with the details that take the "feel good" out of life, we naturally accomplish our goals and live our dreams.

How do you know when you're on the right track? When you can smile with your 7 year neighbor about another perfectly executed gutter ball. (Expletives excluded.)

Get What You Really Want

If you’re setting goals for yourself, consider drilling down to the “why” of your goal and make that your intention. It’ll guarantee you hit the mark of what you really want, plus keep you connected to your desire - strengthening your success.

Want to lose 15 pounds? Why? I guarantee it’s not 15 fewer pounds you want. It's more likely you want to feel better in your body or about yourself, feel healthier or more attractive. Get the real target in sight and your results will be much more satisfying.

Want to become debt-free? Why? To feel more secure? Have more freedom? Make that your resolution. Let the Universe know what you really want. It opens up a world of possibility!

Look past your “middle man” – whatever that is – untie the Universe's hands, and vibrate your true desire. As you do, you're giving the Universe more room to work and you'll be surprised how much better it manifests.

Diffusing Anger

Next time you're ranting and raving about someone doing you wrong, try this technique for diffusing the negativity: put yourself in their shoes.

Sounds simple, but it's an easy method for releasing anger, blame and resentment.

Think of a time you did what they've done, or said what they've said. Finding it within yourself allows you to consciously acknowledge you're capable of it as well, which helps dissipate your negative feelings towards them. (It's called shadow work.)

Someone cuts you off in traffic? Yeah, you do that too sometimes, right? It happens. Your co-worker said something inappropriate? "Mmm, yeah, there was that time when I ... " Think of when you've done something similar, or imagine how you might. When you can see it in you, it's not so disturbing to see in someone else. It's when you disavow it within yourself that it triggers your exaggerated response.

When we overreact to a perceived slight or injustice, it's a sign we've disowned that trait within ourselves. When we realize we have that same capability (to do what our "wrongdoer" did), it's no longer a button others can push.

It's also a nice reminder that we're all connected; we're all one. If someone slights you, respond how you'd want them to if roles were reversed. Cut some slack; keep it friendly. It's good for them and good for you.


I'd love to hear what you think of this ancient Hawaiian technique for releasing. If you haven't heard about this yet, don't be surprised to soon hear LOA big wigs talking about "cleaning" and letting Love heal.

Deliberate creators are excited about this process because it can jumpstart manifesting efforts by powerfully aligning with Source energy, quickly releasing resistance and consistently raising one's vibration.

The best news is you don't have to know how it works or why. You just say four sentences whenever you find yourself feeling pressure or facing resistance:
  • I love you.
  • I'm sorry.
  • Please forgive me.
  • Thank you.
Address these words to the Divine, Creator, Universe - whatever represents your higher power. The process allows you to let go and let Love solve the problem.

Pretty simple, huh? Don't let the ease of this technique fool you. Many swear by it as one that's powerfully changing the world.

Although I'm still somewhat skeptical, I'll be trying it out this week. I'd love to hear others' experience of it if you have any!

Too Much, Too Fast?

That's what my dad used to say to explain a hangover caused by overindulgence the night before: "Too much, too soon, too fast."

He wasn't talking about chocolate, or spiritual growth resources, but I'm feeling the same way lately. Last week I had the good fortune of seeing James Ray and Byron Katie live, watching Larry King interview authorities on deliberate creation, reading Abraham’s latest book, and getting turned on to Ho'oponopono and Holosync and Deeksha. My head is spinning!

So the million dollar question is: What are we doing with all this stuff? What good does any of this wonderful material do if we don’t integrate what we learn?

Have you ever had so many choices you put off taking action? Do you know someone who reads book after book and attends seminar after seminar but nothing changes in their lives?
Or maybe you ARE that person. Don't worry; there’s an easy solution here: Just do one thing.

That's all it takes; just one thing to get the ball rolling. It's easy to feel overwhelmed. Last February I challenged readers to "do one thing," and heard from many over the last nine months who did. It doesn’t take a monumental effort to get things going your way. Doing just one thing can turn the tide in your favor.

(And if you still haven't done anything since the last time I suggested this, you're a prime candidate for coaching!)

Whether it’s committing to 10 minutes a day of meditation, giving up caffeine, creating a vision board, using a mantra, daily deep breathing - or whatever appeals to you to create life change: start something. Once you've incorporated one new habit, you can add another if and when you're
so inspired.

It starts with the first step. Any step is better than nothing! You've still got plenty of time to create strong momentum in getting what you want!

If you need help knowing what you want or how to create it before the year ends, drop me a note. I’m happy to help you discover your right track once and for all!

Name Your Hero

You know the hypothetical question about who you would meet if you could meet anyone? Most people give cool answers like Buddha, Einstein, Ghandi, Martin Luther King, Princess Di, etc. I always have trouble answering that one.

Who would I want to meet? Who do I respect more than anyone else? Who could I learn more from than any other person?

This is what I contemplated during a recent dog hike, as I knew the answer would offer me a mentor throughout the challenging spots in life. People often use an inspiring figure as their guiding light, and when stumped they’ll ask “What would Jesus do?” or “How would Oprah handle this?”

That’s what I wanted. So I wondered who handles life the way I aspire to? Who is a role model I can use as a touchstone when I feel indecision or doubt? Who can I call on to guide me when I want direction?

I finally realized the perfect guru for me isn’t a person after all. It’s Party Cat. (Thanks to my fabulous east coast client for this realization!)

Jerry & Esther’s Party Cat, as described by Abraham, is surely the epitome of what I aspire to in life: acceptance, enjoyment, and just plain pleasure to be here. I’m not exactly sure how this will affect my conduct in life, but it should be fun finding out!

So who’s your hero? Who would you be proud to be likened to? Holding someone (or something!) in mind, even if it’s a completely made up personality, can be a powerful method of staying true to the life you want for yourself.

The next time you find yourself in doubt or wavering from the way you'd like to live, touch base with your imaginary mentor. Ask for guidance, or just ask yourself how they would respond, and take action accordingly. In fact, it was Party Cat who told me not to sweat sending this issue out late. Thanks, Party Cat!

Give Up Gremlin Fairy Tales

After reading the story of how my planned golf trip turned into the experience of a life time, your gremlin may be piping up about how “Yeah, that's nice, but it’s not possible for me to make my miracle come true. “

He may be saying, “Well sure, she doesn’t have three kids to take care of” or “I don’t have the time (or maybe yours says ‘money’) to make it happen” or “I’m just not that kind of person.”

No matter what obstacle you think is standing in your way, it only has power over you if you believe in it. Believe there’s a way around; believe it’s possible to get past; believe you’ll be guided to do so. Obstacles aren’t real unless we make them so.

In fact, what if your obstacle wasn’t really even that, but rather was an asset? It sure turned out that way for my weekend hike – climbing a canyon wall not only enhanced – but actually made the whole experience!

So what if being shy wasn’t a detriment to meeting the partner of your dreams, but actually what brought you together? What if having little financial support for your new business idea inspired you to create a brilliant new product or process? What if having a 'terminal' illness is what propelled you to find alternative successful healing or live an authentic life?

What if I can have amazing fun without my dogs on a golf weekend in the middle of the desert with a bunch of strangers? What if I can have the relationship of a lifetime, despite the fact that I have no idea how?

These things we think are obstacles may actually be the opposite, if we just reframe our thoughts. Reach for the better feeling thought and you’ll find “obstacles” are nothing but made up gremlin fairy tales.

Give up your Gremlin's fairy tales, scale your "obstacles," and watch your dreams come true once and for all!

Mastering Thought

When was the last time you were disappointed with how something turned out? Maybe your best friend’s party wasn’t much fun, or the meeting with the boss didn't go well. Or maybe it’s just that there wasn’t anything good in your email inbox (not today, of course).

Here’s a trick to changing that: give your sheep – er, thoughts - some direction! Decide what you want and point that way.

You want a bank account that allows you complete freedom? Where are you herding those money thoughts? Are you worried about bills? Are you mad about being short changed on your last raise? Do you feel guilty for that $300 shopping-spree last weekend? That’s probably not where you want to go, right?

Training and discipline comes in handy as well. A regular meditation practice will help you learn to master you thoughts. Resources such as Rick Carson's Taming Your Gremlin, Eckhart Tolle's New Earth, and Byron Katie's Loving What Is are excellent training manuals for learning your power to choose thoughts.

Make sure your thoughts and pointed in the direction you want to go. Because law of attraction guarantees you will go there. Your life always follows your thoughts!

Gremlins vs. Guides

Do you know what your Gremlin sounds like (aka ego, inner critic, voice of judgement, monkey mind)? Can you easily tell when you’re receiving higher guidance (intuition, wise self, angels, guides)? Many of us struggle with this distinction, especially when it comes to high stakes decisions and situations.

An easy way to tell whether the internal dialogue you’re having is with Gremlin or Guide is simply this: Gremlin thoughts feel bad; Guides feel good.
  • Gremlin doesn’t move you into power; Higher guidance does
  • Gremlin is fear-based; Higher guidance is love- based
  • Gremlin rambles on and on with long explanations; Higher guidance comes in short "feeling" messages (inspiration, spark, inner knowing)
  • Gremlin makes your body feel tight, stuck, restricted, with shallow breathing; Higher guidance feels open and light
The next time you’re getting conflicting internal info, use these criteria to filter out gremlin and embrace higher guidance. As you become expert at discerning the difference between Guides and Gremlins, you'll find life easier and easier to navigate!

Acting As If

Speaking of right action – here’s a tip to get you in immediate alignment with your desire. Whatever your goal or intention is, conduct yourself throughout your day as if you’ve already achieved it. Act as if you already are the success you desire.

If you want to drop a few pounds, for example, act as if you already have. Ask yourself what would an ideal-weight person wear today? What would an ideal- weight person eat for breakfast? How would he answer the phone? What would he do for fun tonight? When would he go to bed and what would he do before bed? Become that ideal-weight person with your actions, and your body will soon reflect your new “ideal weight” vibration.

Acting as if is a powerful tool for creating vibrational alignment – which is the name of this manifesting game!

One Word

Michael Ray in "The Highest Goal " offers this exercise to get in touch with what truly brings fulfillment to your life.

Think of the most meaningful thing that happened to you within the last week or so. Relive that experience in your mind’s eye, recalling the feeling that made this activity or event so meaningful.
It may be a time when you were experiencing “flow” or “the zone;” completely absorbed in an activity, feeling at one, or experiencing a rush of energy.

As you consider this event, answer the following question: “How come this was so important, so meaningful to me?” Then answer the question “Why is that (the reason you gave to the previous question) so important to me?”

Continue answering the question “Why is that so important to me?” until you get down to one word. That word, whether it’s Love, Communication, Wisdom, Energy, Tranquility, Fun, Creativity, Service, Silence, Connection, Peace, Joy, etc. represents the quality of your Essence of Self.

Michael suggests using this quality as a guide for your life will enhance your true success. I suspect he’s right! So the next time you're setting an intention, a new goal or making a big decision, make sure it's in alignment with your One Word.

Going Beyond Reason

What are your reasons for not already creating your dream come true? Most of us have at least a few, and believing in those reasons creates a drag on our miracle-making abilities.

So why aren't you waking up with your perfect partner? Because she doesn't exist? The good ones are already taken? You need to drop 15 pounds before you're loveable? Mm hmm.

Why aren't you experiencing wild success in your work or financial life? Because the competition's tough? The economy isn't cooperating? You don't have the degree or training or connections? I see.

Or why haven't you regained your health? Because the doctor only gave you a 10% chance? Your family isn't supportive? You need a better pair of shoes? Sweeties, can you see we're making all this up?

Whatever reasons you're giving life to are true. They're true because you believe in them. You can choose to stop believing in these reasons, letting them go once and for all, thus making room for a miracle. Let that be your new truth.

This is my invitation to discover your reasons and go beyond them. You're the powerful one, not your "reasons." You created them, and you can uncreate them just as easily.

I know your natural reaction is to argue for your reasons, defend them as truth, but I'm telling you - that doesn't serve you. Let them go, friend. In fact, let's all go beyond reason! What a wonderful world that would be: powerful people getting what they want! Sign me up!

Get Into Allowing

If you think you might be wrapped up in resistance, try one of these techniques to get into "allowing" mode:

Imagine you're already living what you want. Visualize yourself in your dream come true. Yes, it's fantasy, but it works. While you're imagining it's already happened, you're allowing it.

Consider this question: "What would it feel like to be wealthy/slender/loved unconditionally?" End the question with what you desire, and it'll amp up your allowing.

Another trick is to remember a time when something worked out perfectly; when you were in the flow and everything went your way. Then translate that feeling (of ease, confidence, positive expectation) to your current desire.

Or try this one: hold a pen in your hand tightly for several seconds. Feel the grasping attachment associated with your grip on it. And then release your grip. Hold it lightly in the palm of your hand (like a bird) and feel what it is to "let go." That's the feeling of ease you're looking for. Hold your desires lightly.

What if you really believed you could not fail? If you embraced that belief, there would be no need to worry, doubt or fear. Think about other things you created that you worried needlessly about. How unnecessary all that resistance, huh? Yeah, go ahead and give it up now.

Releasing resistance is the key to getting what you want. And anything we can imagine is possible. So stop driving yourself crazy, and start allowing!

Look, Choose, Move

Rock climbers can teach us a thing or two about manifesting what we want. When you’re not sure what to do next, can’t see an easy path ahead, and are either stuck in your rut or frozen with fear, repeat the climbers' mantra: “Look, choose, move.”

You don’t need your entire strategy for conquering the world laid out for before you start. Rather, when you know what direction you’re headed: look at your options, make a choice, and move. “Look, choose, move.” It will keep you in action and keep the energy flowing.

That’s not to say there isn’t a time for planning. But don’t get stuck in planning mode too long. Hanging on the rock for extended periods gets dangerous. When you’re at a loss as to what to do, remember what you want and then "look, choose, and move." It will serve you well!

Toss Out Tolerations

Jot down a list of twenty things you’re putting up with, whether it’s in your physical environment, relationships, health, finances, whatever. Think about what’s bothering you – what you’re tolerating in life - and write it down.

This list is your customized path to a cleaner vibration! As you eliminate each toleration, you bring yourself into closer alignment with the good stuff.

Your work is to knock out each item on your list. You may find one pivotal toleration that eliminates several others. Or you might want to start with the easy ones first to get immediate energy for resolving the "big ones."

If you’ve been honest in writing down what’s bothering you, you’ve got at least one or two that you think are too big to handle. Trust me, you can. That’s where your challenges, and your rewards, lie.

Either change the way you feel about it (yes, it can be as simple as a choice), or eliminate it. This isn't necessarily an overnight process, but it is a crucial one because these tolerations are kinking your vibe. Getting them handled will bring you into alignment and nuclear-launch your manifesting success!

Missing Link for Manifesting

Are you a dazzlingly skilled reality-creator? If not, here's a crucial element to becoming one: live in alignment with your core values.

It's a much-overlooked element to manifesting success. Yes, we all know about clarity of goals, intending, focusing and allowing. But are you living your values? Do you know what your core values are?

When aligned with your values, you're in the flow, life is good, and you couldn't screw things up if you tried. When you're not, it's nearly impossible to manifest the good stuff.

That's why it's important to not only know your core values, but also live them.

Values are what's important in life, and they differ for everyone. Mine, for example, include independence and freedom - which is why I didn't thrive until I escaped what I experienced as the corporate slave trade. My former colleagues, on the other hand (who probably value security and structure) are perfectly happy with their lifelong corporate careers.

Your core values may include honesty, learning, growing, helping, inspiring, spirituality, adventure, humor, family, relationships, excelling, connecting, educating, etc. (The variety of "values" is as vast as the people identifying them.)

When we're not honoring our values, our manifesting efforts are handicapped. For that reason, my tip to you is to identify your personal values and consistently make choices in alignment with them. It may be your missing link to manifesting miracles!

Just One Thing

Many of us have a small fortune tied up in our library of self-help books, tapes, CDs and workbooks. In fact, last November a friend of mine inherited her aunt’s collection of personal development material – and what a collection it was!

She had everything - Tony Robbins, Zig Zigler, Wayne Dyer, Louise Hay, Mike Dooley, etc ... it filled over a half dozen boxes! I imagined what an incredible person she must have been to have studied this powerful material. She must have been amazingly enlightened; spreading peace, love and joy all around, right?

Maybe not. My friend summed up her aunt's life as "chronically unhappy in her marriage, frustrated with her weight, rarely got along with her kids, and never enjoyed her career." Ahem!

What a perfect example of how it isn’t enough to read about making life change. You need to implement it! Incorporate what you learn! Put it to work! Let it change you!

So my tip to you this issue is to do one thing. Anything! Implement at least one idea or strategy you’ve read, heard or thought about recently that turned you on.

Create momentum, take a step to close the right gap, and let that action be the catalyst for more life change. Doing just one thing will put you further ahead on your path than reading about a hundred different things!

Goethe said it well: "Action has magic, power and grace."

A New Powerphrase

What's your mantra these days? We've all got one, whether we know it or not. It's the phrase we say to ourselves day in and day out. In fact, people around you might know your mantra better than you, if you're in the habit of saying it out loud!

Here are some I've heard lately:
  • I'm such an idiot
  • Life is good!
  • It always works out
  • Life's a you-know-what & then you die
  • Sh*t happens
  • My angels are good to me!
  • Life's too short I'm a lucky guy!

Becoming aware of your internal self-talk and changing it to be more powerful is an easy way to get the Universe on your side. The phrases we repeat habitually are instructions to the Universe: what we say manifests!

So choose a new Powerphrase. Not like a tired old affirmation, but something energetic and new. Consider an empowering mantra from a movie, song or celebrity you love.

Depending on what you're creating, maybe James Brown's "I feel good!" is appropriate. Or "Ka ching!" if you're manifesting money; a wolf whistle if you're getting in shape; maybe Staple's "That was easy" if you're getting organized. Whatever it is, make your new Powerphrase short, powerful and juicy. This tip alone will create a vortex in your life where new things can happen!

Releasing Resistance

So something's eluding you? Something you haven't been able to get yet? Whatever it is - a boyfriend, better job, new house, improved relationship, or fatter wallet - if you don't have what you want, it's likely you're experiencing resistance. That is, you're not allowing it.

Why would you resist something you want? It's not that you're resisting what you want, it's that you're resisting not having it. You're not at peace with where you are now.

Releasing that resistance is critical to get what you want. Here's a quick and easy way to begin loosening that resistance. Ask yourself this question: "What if ... ?"

Fill in the blank with whatever it is you want. "What if I do get that offer?" "What if he does call?" "What if I do get the loan?"

As your mind considers this question, you're experiencing temporary relief of resistance. Cool, huh?

Use it to give yourself immediate relief when things have you down. Just consider the "what if?" thought of having, being or doing what you want. It'll loosen things up and allow the next step to unfold.

Vibe-Transforming Thought

Holidays are supposed to be a time of festivities and love, right? Which is why when we don't feel the joy, it can hit us particularly hard.

What to do when you’re struggling to find your way out of a bad vibe? Here’s what I do when nothing else works: I embrace a thought that reminds me everything is unfolding perfectly, even if I can’t see it. And for good measure I'll remember a couple of times it was proven out.

My Rottweiler foster dog, Roxxie, recently howled in pain after landing on her broken leg chasing a stuffed animal I'd tossed. (I know! Don't ask me what I was thinking!) She'd had surgery on a broken femur two weeks prior, and was due to be delivered to her new family in less than a half hour!

My thoughts were immediately full of "don't wants": “She’s broken her leg again. It's all my fault. She’ll need another surgery. The rescue group can't afford this. Her new owners won’t want her with a re-broken leg. What if it can't be fixed? No one will want a three legged rottie. I crippled this dog for life. I’ve probably ruined her life!”

Not the kind of vibe that helps, huh? So I did what I do in every emergency; I called my ex. He tried to talk me down but it didn't help. I insisted he take her in for x-rays immediately.

After Verrall left with poor limping Roxxie, I tried to imagine "happy healthy Rox." She's bouncing around on four legs at her new home loving life. Couldn't get there. The memory of her painful howling and wobbly leg drowned everything else out.

So I used my fall back thought, the one that works every time: "The Universe always has my best interests at heart and delivers me perfection every single time. Always. Perfection."

I had to repeat it nearly a dozen times before I could feel the peace creeping back in. Which is when I called to checkup on her. "This is hopeless," I overheard the vet say to Verrall. Jeez loueez! This was becoming a real test!

Back to the drawing board: "The Universe always has our best interests at heart and delivers perfection every single time. Always. Perfection." A couple repeats for good measure, then I released my attachment to the outcome.

Fifteen minutes later Verrall phoned to say they were singing my praises at the vet's office. "Thank God you insisted on x-rays," he said. It turns out Roxxie's original surgery was flawed - her leg would never healed. Had this not been caught, she could have lost it altogether.

Woo hoo! How brilliant of me to throw a stuffed animal for a broken-leg dog!! What kind of genius am I? To top it off, the vet offered a 50% discount on her surgery which her new owners happily paid as they collected her from the vet's office that day.

How about that? The Universe really does have our best interests at heart, and delivers perfection every single time – even when we can’t see it right away. Next time you’re in a pinch – try that thought on for size and let it transform your tough situation.

What's Your Commitment?

Have you ever been in conversation with someone who was griping about a problem, and no matter what solution you mentioned they had a reason it wouldn’t work? Although you could see the way out for them, they were focused on being stuck.

Well, they’re not the only ones who do that. You and I do it, too.

I realized this during a heated discussion with my beau about an issue that recently came up. He’s a dog-lover, not so much a cat-lover (whereas I go both ways). Four foster kittens tested his patience one night as he tried to eat pumpkin pie with ill- behaved felines each determined to share it with him.

After he left in frustration, I sat home pondering what had gone wrong. By the time we spoke the next day, I’d convinced myself there was no hope of integrating our lives. Whereas he approached the call with the intention of finding middle ground, I’d already done us in.

With each solution he suggested, I was johnny-on- the-spot with a reason it wouldn't work. “Keep them in the pen? Are you kidding? They need to be socialized.” “Get a bigger place together where there’s more room for everyone? I’m not moving in with a cat-hater.” “You might get used to them? Highly unlikely.” My dedication to the problem was obvious to everyone but me, I wager.

Luckily he didn’t throw in the towel when most would. I got a chance the rest of that week to reexamine what I was committed to. Did I really want a solution? Or did I want to prove no one could hang with me; that I’m destined to short term romances? Did I mean it when I said I wanted a long- lasting relationship of substance? Or was it just lip service?

I offer this example to prompt you to look at where you’re open to solution, and where you’re committed to proving your problem. If you can’t see a problem you’re committed to, look harder. What have you come to accept as impossible to change? What do you think you have to live with? What have you given up hope on?

When you release your grip on the problem, and become open to possibility of solution, life will deliver miracles. Count on it.

Power of Not Knowing How

Last weekend I visited a part of my state for the first time for a golf tournament. Since golf isn’t my thing (it's my boyfriend's gig), I wisely set an intention to have an unusually fabulous time, since it didn’t seem likely under the circumstances. Sharing a 3 bed 2 bathroom condo with 7 men I didn’t know, and dogs left at home. Hmm - could be interesting.

When it came time for the tournament, I recognized a “feel good” that was more in line with hiking, not so much watching golf. Although I was in a strange town with no gear, no familiarity with the terrain, no hiking buddies and no car, I announced I was skipping the tournament and going hiking instead. (Following my “feel good!”)

I borrowed a car to look for the perfect trail, which I didn’t find right away. I bought water, but found no sign of a hike or even a decent walking path. This desert town looked like I might have been dreaming to think I would find any such thing!

But I didn’t give up (perseverance). I passed the Visitors Center, and although it’s not my style to ask for help, it seemed like the thing to do. (Stepping out of my comfort zone.)

Turns out I didn’t have to ask for help after all, as the Center had a free brochure on local hikes. I picked one advertising "steep switchbacks" (woo hoo!) and easily found the trailhead to begin a three hour adventure with an open mind (allowing).

And boy, was it an adventure! I'm often moved by nature, but this was amazing! Stunning, awesome, inspiring, humbling, unbelievably beautiful –one of the most unique hikes ever! (Can you feel my Appreciation?!) From the trailhead, it looked like I was climbing directly up a cliff canyon wall – it didn’t even look possible!

As if that weren't enough, at the top of the wall it opened onto a beautiful green hidden meadow. Right there in the desert!! It was so amazing it literally stopped me in my tracks. I eventually continued through the meadow, where two locals tipped me off to a little known area of unprotected 2,000 year old
petroglyphs. Which were also unbelievable. It was like entering a time warp!

I returned (speechless) in time to pick up my guy from the golf course, and pointed out the canyon wall I’d just scaled. He couldn’t believe it; and truth be told, I couldn’t either. In fact, I extended my stay and hiked it again to prove it to myself. It was just as miraculous the second time!

It also turned out my condo-mates were a ton of fun to get to know and even share bathrooms with.
So yeah, “unusually fabulous time” – the Universe delivered! It was a lesson in not getting wrapped up in how a miracle unfolds. I set an intention, respected my “feel good,” followed intuition, trusted, persevered, did something different, appreciated and allowed a miracle to unfold.

This miracle-making stuff isn’t so tricky after all, when we give up knowing how they happen! How are you harnessing your power of not knowing?

Shepherd Your Thoughts

Have you ever watched sheepdog trials? What an amazing display of energy work! Last weekend I had the pleasure of watching the Sheep Dog Championship competition not too far from my home.
These amazing dogs herd 16 sheep over a mountainside through various gates; grouping, splitting and regrouping them; working them into pens; with just their handler’s whistles to guide them through the course.

Bill Berhow’s stunning border collie, Pete, moved me to tears with his sheep-management finesse. (Seriously, my eyes welled up!) He applied the perfect amount of “pressure” – running this way to push sheep there, easing off to let them relax, approaching in a crouch to shift their direction, with no contact or barking. What a Master of energy work! While watching, I realized our thoughts are like these sheep.

They’ll run rampant all over the mountain if left to their own devices. But get a good dog in there and you can guide them anywhere. It’s not a matter of manhandling them into submission, but rather working with them instead of against.

Watching dogs and handlers trying to accurately direct wayward sheep is frustrating. Their patience must be enormous! I'm sure I would resort to shouting and physical prodding, but Pete expertly herds without upset. Too much pressure and they run outside course boundaries. Not enough and they won't move at all.

Our thought process is similar: some of us try to rein in our thoughts with an iron grip, intent on thinking only positive things, beating ourselves up each time we fail. Others apply no effort whatsoever in guiding their thoughts, which run willy nilly throughout the day wherever they happen to land; listening to this co-worker’s problems, that client’s complaints, frustrated with afternoon traffic, then watching discouraging news.

And what have you manifested? More of the same. Directing our thoughts is crucial work as deliberate creators – otherwise we’re just mindlessly subject to whatever we happen to observe in our reality. Which is what we create more of.

At the same time, we don't want to create waves of resistance by trying to force ourselves to go somewhere our minds aren't ready to. A gentle guiding is much more effective.

How can we become masters of energy like Pete? Wouldn’t it be cool to steer our thoughts in the direction of what we want as easily as these sheepdogs herd sheep? Well, we can. The same way they did: with training, discipline, and direction.

Who's Whispering in Your Ear?

Who’s whispering in your ear lately? I’m not talking about the secrets your four year old shares at bedtime or the comments colleagues mutter during staff meeting. I’m talking about the voices you hear inside: those of your Gremlins and Guides.

Most of us get input from both, and we tend to hear one better than the other. Who’s whispering to you lately, and which promptings do you follow?

Last weekend on a dog hike I passed a healthy young man and his Corgi dog on the trail, and intuitively knew he'd need a ride back to his car. My immediate thought was “I’m not giving a ride to a stranger!” Gremlin or Guide?

I didn’t have to think about it until an hour later I'd reached the other end of the trail where my car was parked, when once again I came upon the hiker and his Corgi. Sure enough, as I passed he mentioned needing a ride to his car. (I knew it!)

I’m not in the habit of picking up hitchhikers and don’t usually invite strange men into my car. But a whisper in my ear said “Give him a ride.” Gremlin or Guide?

Could have been Gremlin wanting me to conform with what others expect – doing the “right” or “polite" thing. Or was it a Guide letting me know it's okay to give little Corgi and his human companion a lift?

How do we ever know who’s talking to us? Clients ask me this often – how to interpret the little whispers inside that are often at odds with each other. If you don’t already know how to distinguish Gremlin thoughts from True Guidance, read further to learn a fail safe method in choosing which whispers to embrace and which to dismiss.