April 1, 2007

Releasing Resistance

So something's eluding you? Something you haven't been able to get yet? Whatever it is - a boyfriend, better job, new house, improved relationship, or fatter wallet - if you don't have what you want, it's likely you're experiencing resistance. That is, you're not allowing it.

Why would you resist something you want? It's not that you're resisting what you want, it's that you're resisting not having it. You're not at peace with where you are now.

Releasing that resistance is critical to get what you want. Here's a quick and easy way to begin loosening that resistance. Ask yourself this question: "What if ... ?"

Fill in the blank with whatever it is you want. "What if I do get that offer?" "What if he does call?" "What if I do get the loan?"

As your mind considers this question, you're experiencing temporary relief of resistance. Cool, huh?

Use it to give yourself immediate relief when things have you down. Just consider the "what if?" thought of having, being or doing what you want. It'll loosen things up and allow the next step to unfold.

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