April 1, 2007

Toss Out Tolerations

Jot down a list of twenty things you’re putting up with, whether it’s in your physical environment, relationships, health, finances, whatever. Think about what’s bothering you – what you’re tolerating in life - and write it down.

This list is your customized path to a cleaner vibration! As you eliminate each toleration, you bring yourself into closer alignment with the good stuff.

Your work is to knock out each item on your list. You may find one pivotal toleration that eliminates several others. Or you might want to start with the easy ones first to get immediate energy for resolving the "big ones."

If you’ve been honest in writing down what’s bothering you, you’ve got at least one or two that you think are too big to handle. Trust me, you can. That’s where your challenges, and your rewards, lie.

Either change the way you feel about it (yes, it can be as simple as a choice), or eliminate it. This isn't necessarily an overnight process, but it is a crucial one because these tolerations are kinking your vibe. Getting them handled will bring you into alignment and nuclear-launch your manifesting success!

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