January 12, 2008

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January 6, 2008

Please, (Don't) Contain Yourself!

"Whatever happened to a little humility?"

That was my boyfriend's disappointed comment when one of the football players on his team did something good (maybe it was a touchdown, I don't really know) that inspired him to a little dance right there on the field.

I always thought those little dances the big guys do were kind of cute. I get a kick out of seeing someone be so proud of and happy with themselves. (My ex says he'd dance, too, if he made that much money.)

But now that I was seeing it through my boyfriend's eyes, it wasn't as entertaining.

I thought, "He's right. Whatever happened to humility? Look at these guys, so full of themselves. It's distasteful."

And I felt myself slip a notch or two.

"What's WRONG with this world?" I continued this line of thought. No one has any loyalty or sportsmanship. (Which I know from hearing my sweetie complain about how players move and are traded from team to team or city to city, and how as soon as a guy gets a big contract he stops playing with his heart now that he's got his payday and doesn't have to work so hard any more.)

Yeah, this place really isn't what it used to be.

After all, I myself had just commented that this football thing is like modern gladiators. They put a bunch of guys out there to pound the pieces out of each other, and we fill an entire stadium (not to mention Sunday afternoons all over the country) to watch it happen. We glorify the players (who abuse drugs, women, and dogs in their leisure time) and have an entire culture built around this "sport."

And these guys can't even be humble. What's WRONG with them?

But something didn't jive with those thoughts. My "feel good" was starting to get scrambled.

I thought of how Russ shakes his head at me with a half smile when I say, "Who couldn't like ME? I'm the easiest person on the planet to like!" He has a hard time hearing someone toot their own horn. (Even though I was just being factual.)

And I thought of the affirmation I picked up from my Marine Corps dad that's front and center on my desk: "I'm the best there is."

Well, yeah, where IS the humility? Certainly not at my house.

My vibe was definitely sinking now. This path of thinking definitely didn't suit me. That encroaching "feel bad" was my Inner Being saying "wrong way, Jeannette."

So I started looking around - for new thoughts.

Is it wrong to think highly of yourself? Is it wrong to aspire to be the best? Is it wrong to acknowledge your successes with a big parade? I honestly considered it.

ha! (There it is again -my feel good coming back!)

Of course it's not wrong to toot our own horns! That sounds like a fabulous time, doesn't it? In fact, that's one of the best parts of those games: their little enjoyment of themselves in the end zones! It's so cute!

Truth be told, I'd like to see Russ do a little dance when he's happy. I would like to see my own little trademark happy dance, too.

I've written before about how one of my favorite clients does a happy dance in the parking lot when she gets her favorite parking spot. Just the thought of her dancing out in the lot makes me smile.

At a live theater production I attended the other day, the emcee on stage made a joke about someone in the audience and he was so proud of himself he did a little dance in his own "end zone" right there on stage. It made me laugh even more than his joke did!

I'm not arguing that cocky is attractive. Confidence sure is! But there's a middle ground that is fun to hang out in.

Now that I think of it, this is partly where the game of golf could improve. You know when the guy makes a great shot and he's so ... well, HUMBLE about it ... it's kind of a letdown. The crowd's going wild, but he just reaches down and pulls out his golf ball like it's just another day, just another shot. We're lucky to get a wave or half smile of acknowledgement from him.

Come ON.

Why not be proud of ourselves? Let's toot our horns and dance for whatever reasons inspire us! Let's stop downplaying ourselves and embrace our big beautiful beings, enjoying who we are and letting everyone else do the same.

Because let's face it ... we're the best there is!

And that thought feels good to me. So it's a keeper. ;)

January 4, 2008

Six Habits to Transform Your Year

A clean slate once again! What a perfect time to put the past behind us and embrace our full potential as creative directors of our lives.

To help create a year you'll love, consider the following tips and techniques to transform your 2008. Choose one you haven't mastered yet and enjoy!

1. Breathe
Letting oxygen in to fill the lungs is not only good for physical health, but for your emotional and spiritual health as well. We feel better and think better when our cells are fully oxygenated. Some say it's because oxygen strengthens our connection to source energy.

Next time you don't know what to do or feel overwhelmed with challenging emotions, take a couple of deep breaths and let the peace (and solutions) in, while releasing the stress. Oxygen is both invigorating and cleansing.

2. Feel
Since our feelings dictate what we attract, it's important to be aware of and manage them. Many of us have learned to ignore or deny our feelings for various reasons. Being disconnected to our feelings is to be disconnected to our creative power. Ancient spiritual traditions, as well as leading edge science, tells us our feelings dictate what manifests in our lives. Getting clear on what we're feeling and learning to choose them deliberately allows us to be deliberate manifestors.

Learn to let yourself feel your feelings. Notice where in your body the feeling sensations reside. Imagine going to the core of the essence of that energy - the very center of it - and then just be present to it. Sit with it and let yourself feel what's there until it dissipates.
This simple but profound practice frees us from negative behaviors many engage in (overeating, overworking, and other addictive behaviors) to keep from feeling.

3. Be Still
Embrace the habit of slowing down. Becoming present to the current moment creates space for magic to happen. When our lives are crammed full of "reality" and our knee jerk reactions to it, we have neither the discipline nor the capability of directing our attention where it best serves us.

Beginning a meditation practice can be as easy as Elizabeth Gilbert's (author of "Eat, Pray, Love") mentor taught her: simply sit and smile for a few minutes each day. You'll notice a difference when you do.

There are a variety of ways to explore internal peace and quiet. However you approach the practice, the journey is well rewarded.

4. Focus
Want to really blow the socks off your new year? Cultivate a focus on what's working in your life and what's truly important to you. Get used to looking at what's going your way, things to appreciate, and reasons to be thankful. Since we get what we think about, as we direct our attention on what we want and enjoy (instead of worrying about what we don't want or what went wrong before), we allow our deepest desires to manifest.

Although it takes a little practice, the energy invested in this pursuit pays off handsomely. In the very least, as Meister Eckhart said, "If the only prayer you said in your whole life was 'thank you,' that would suffice."

5. Let Go
There comes a time we're called to release old patterns, friendships, lifestyles, thoughts, etc. When that time comes, honor it. New things and experiences can't enter our lives while we've got a death grip on the old. Learn to trust your intuition and doubt your fear, and let go of what no longer serves you.

Also, one of the most powerful ways to transform your year is to release your attachment to outcome. What we really want isn't so much a particular outcome anyway. Rather, what we really want is how we think that outcome will make us feel. You can, in fact, choose that feeling now, before anything else happens.

6. Have Fun
We Americans are particularly driven by ambition and the push to succeed, often at the expense of enjoying the journey. Let's not forget the bigger picture. Suffering doesn't serve anyone.

Sometimes we think it's wrong to enjoy life when so many others aren't, or when there is so much work to correct our "faltering" world. The truth is that suffering doesn't serve anyone - not you, not others, and certainly not the cause we feel so passionate about. We're offering our best service when we feel good.

Know that when you "push against" something, you strengthen it. That in itself is reason enough to relinquish suffering. There's nothing to prove and no hoops to jump through in order to be worthy of reward. So relax and relish!

Finally, you know more than you think you do. Remember to trust yourself and lighten up to savor the journey. Enjoy your new year as if it were impossible to go wrong, because indeed, it is. Happy 2008!