September 30, 2007

Integrity and the Law of Attraction

What does personal integrity have to do with the law of attraction?

Much of my personal development training has dealt with the topic of integrity: how if one spoke in your wheel of life is missing, the whole thing doesn't work.

Some people approach deliberate creation without much thought to the level of truth they live their life with.

They think wanting to manifest the partner of their dreams has nothing to do with how they feel about their job. Or that attracting financial prosperity will solve the problems in their marriage. Or that their drinking problem has no effect on their ability to make their dream come true.

How to put this succinctly ...

It's all related, folks.

How we feel affects what we can create. Period.

So if you're out of integrity in one area of life, it'll touch the other areas in some form or fashion. You can count on it.

Which is why one of the most powerful ways you can start getting what you want is to clean up the areas you're out of alignment in and begin living authentically.

It's why when one of my ex-boyfriends finally broke up with me, he immediately experienced incredible professional success. It's why when my girlfriend paid off debt that she wasn't comfortable with, her romantic and professional life took a big turn for the better. It's why when I don't tell Russ what's bothering me in the relationship, it feels like my manifesting is in slow motion.

Personal integrity. Living what's true for you. Knowing who you are and living what's important.

It's easier said than done for many.

Without the awareness of where you're not being authentic, living in integrity is a good trick. But once you know where you've been pretending, you've got material to work with.

Here's a common and quick exercise for excavating your truth:

When you've got a couple of private minutes to yourself, get quiet and grounded, and complete each of the following statements:

"I've been pretending that ... "

"The truth is that ... "

Repeat the series until you hit on something that feels ... well, it might feel like a pang in the heart or like you just got hit between the eyes. This realization doesn't have to be painful, though - it can be liberating. Especially when you act on it.

And acting on it is critical to swift and successful manifesting.

Otherwise we handicap our vibration with negative energy that often leaves us frustrated as to why law of attraction seems to work for everyone but us.

So if you want to create immediate motion in your deliberate creation efforts, discover where you've got a short spoke in your wheel and address it. Difficult as it may temporarily be to do this work, the payoff of an authentic life makes it worthwhile.

(I know these are personal stories to share, but if you have an example of this to share with others by posting a comment, I guarantee you'll inspire someone else to take brave steps in their own life, too.)

Namaste, friends.

September 24, 2007

Birthday Present for You

It's official. I'm 39.
I've been thinking of myself as 39 for long enough that I feel like I'm finally catching up with myself.

My birthday present to myself this year is the best shape I've ever been in. By the time I am officially 40, I will feel and look better than I ever have before. That's a promise.

I can feel my commitment to this in a way that makes me know it will absolutely come to pass. No ifs, ands or big butts. : )

It's different than wanting it, different than flirting with the idea. I'm claiming it. I own this one now. I'm enjoying it already! Can you tell?

My birthday present to YOU is my seven day e-course I've been threatening to launch for several weeks now. It's not perfect, but it never will be, and I refuse to let that stop me any longer. Enjoy!

(You can subscribe to it using the signup box in the top right hand column.)

Abraham said something recently that inspired me to change my thoughts about aging. They said aging is inevitable, since we experience the passing of time. But decline with aging is NOT inevitable.

So I'm now on board with embracing my real age, and having new meanings about what that number means. I'm not resisting 39 or any other number again. Instead, I'm creating what that age means.

All right - I'm off to set some other additional intentions for my new year, and invite any of you who have birthdays this month to share yours as well!


September 21, 2007

World Peace Day

As I reflected on World Peace Day today, I thought back to this morning when I worked myself into a tizzy trying to decide whether to take a shower before the Comcast guy showed up or wait till after he left.

They gave me a four hour window for arrival of the service tech (starting immediately) after I called in a problem with my modem. What to do ... ?

I KNEW he'd ring the bell as soon as I jumped in the shower, and also knew if I waited till after he left, he wouldn't show up till this afternoon. Not that I'm opposed to spending the day in pajamas, but I had "out and about" plans for this Friday that required real clothes and preferably a shower.

So, I decided to take a record fast shower. What were the chances of him really getting there within 20 minutes of my calling in? Surely that wouldn't happen. I went for it.

Once in the shower though, every car door I heard close and every dark bark and voice I could make out made my heart leap with fear at the thought he'd arrived while I was indisposed. Let him in with wet hair? Miss the appointment? Make him wait?

My mind was going to all the places I wouldn't want to find myself in real life. Ever done that yourself? lol

I recognized I had no peace in my mind. I needed to relax and know it would be perfect timing.

He shows up in perfect timing. I have PLENTY of time for a LONG shower. "Relax. Plenty of time."

And then Koda would bark again and my heart would leap .. "Is that him??"

Wait a minute, Jeannette, there's PLENTY of time for a nice LONG shower. Relax. Take your time. It'll work out perfectly.

Over a service call I'm getting this worked up!! lol

But that's good practice to find my way back to the peaceful place in my mind. Where it all works out perfectly. Maybe I'm supposed to answer the door half dressed and make him feel awkward that he interrupted my shower, or maybe he's supposed to get no answer at the door and move on to his next appointment, or ... maybe ... it'll be perfect timing.

As it turned out, I had plenty of time for a nice shower which I only half-enjoyed because my mind was split on it, and he arrived in perfect timing after I'd finished cleaning up the kitten room downstairs. And we had a pleasant conversation (ps - I'm such a pro at manifesting handsome service techs - my word!) and my new modem is fab, and I'm now recognizing that the important part of peace really truly starts within.

I get more practice to remember that as I'm feeling rushed to post this before Peace Day is over. And then to move on to putting finishing touches on the e-course launch for next week, and then pack for the hike trip with Russ ...

Sheesh, does it ever end?

Deep breath. Ahhhhhhhh. Peace. I pick it again.

Feels good, huh?

Happy Peace Day. : )

September 19, 2007

Pray Rain in Action

As promised, here's the story of my first experience with a pray rain journal.

I was in the corporate world and had just gotten out of a staff meeting where we salespeople were told if we didn't turn our numbers around FAST, we were out of jobs. They'd pull the plug on the whole department.

Nothing was going right in the year the department had been up and running. I'd been on board four months and from day one was immersed in the struggle to make something good happen. We were having miserable results. No internal cooperation, our product wasn't well-received, and management had this pool of amazing 401k experts COLD CALLING prospects to try to sell this thing. It was ridiculous!

And it wasn't working.

So coming out of that meeting, I felt like I'd been fired. I thought, well, what they told us to do hasn't worked (cold calling, script sheets, etc.) so I may as well try something new.

And I thought about a pray rain journal. I'd heard of it, but never practiced it.

I knew a hairstylist who'd achieved her dream of owning her own salon by using a pray rain journal, so I had reason to believe it could work.

I also knew I didn't have a lot of time to get results, so I needed a very short journal.

Guess what I found in my drawer? A little 25 page $0.88 notebook - maybe 2" wide by 3" long - I mean TEENY. I could whip through that thing pretty fast. Didn't know if it'd be fast enough to save my job, but - it was worth a shot. After all, nothing else was working!

So I pulled out my new notebook, and on the first page I wrote about how excited prospects were to find me. I wrote about how much they loved my product. I wrote about what great instant rapport we had, and how they couldn't wait for me to implement the product, and how perfect it was for their company.

It was pure fantasy! Everything I wrote in there was the exact opposite of what I'd been experiencing.

But for those four minutes it took to write a handful of sentences about what I wanted as if I already had it, I was vibrating alignment with it. (And we all know that's where the magic is.)

So after my first entry I did another unheard of thing. I asked myself what felt good to do next.


I hadn't had lunch since my first day on the job when the big wigs took me out.

I'd been eating Snickers and Grandma's cookies from the vending machine because we were under immense pressure to make a certain number of phone calls every day and track our results, and report back to management, etc. etc.

So after asking what felt good, I did something different. I went across the street (whoa - left the building! ha ha!) and ate my favorite Greek food at an outside table on a gorgeous spring day. I kicked my feet up on another chair and leisurely fed leftover pita bread to the sparrows. I goofed off. And it felt GOOOOOD!

After an hour and a half of enjoying myself and the beautiful day and the amazing food and friendly birds, I went back to the office. I was feeling refreshed. And better.

In the elevator on the way up, a gentleman asked me who I was. I told him my name and the company I worked for.

When I told him I sold small business 401k plans, his mouth dropped open. "You HAVE to follow me to my office." Which is where he showed me his desk - covered with sales literature from 401k vendors.

"I've been going through this for weeks and haven't been able to make heads or tails of any of it. Can you help me?"

Ha ha!

Can I help him?! It's only what I was born to do!! I mean, in truth, I LOVED 401k plans, I loved talking about them, I loved helping people understand them, I loved helping them figure out what would work best for them.

I finally got to do what I LOVED!

I had my satchel with me and pulled out my sales literature. We had a very nice chat.

After 15 minutes he got up and walked me down the hall to his HR Director. "Sherry, meet Jeannette. Jeannette, meet Sherry." He tells Sherry I'll be implementing their new plan and to sign whatever I need her to sign.

He turns to me and asks "How soon can you get that to us?"

I was more than a little shocked, you can imagine. Where were the objections? Where was the dance to try to get a second appointment? Where were the other decision makers who I had to get on board?

This was supposed to be a six week process to even get to the point where we prepare contracts for signature.

From that day on, I became a pray rain journal junkie. I mean, I didn't even have to get to the end of the BOOK before my first dream came true ... it happened before the end of the DAY!

I've used them on various things ever since. (Building my ideal coach practice in amazingly short time, for one.)

Have fun with yours.

And I just want to officially say thank you, Universe, for being so good to me. That was a really good day. : )

September 17, 2007

Pray Rain Magic

Karen at Live the Power recently featured a manifesting technique I shared with her called pray rain journaling. I didn't realize how many people didn't already know about this, so I thought a post devoted to the topic would be helpful.

Then I thought an e-book would be even better.
It's my hands down favorite manifesting technique, and when you read about it, you'll understand why!

September 14, 2007

Got Untapped Magic?

This story sent to me by my Aussie friend inspired fun wondering about what skills and talents and information the rest of us have within that we haven't tapped into (yet). And how we might do that without a knock on the head!

Czech crash victim wakes up speaking English
By staff writers
September 14, 2007 10:25am
Article from:

A CZECH speedway driver knocked unconscious in a crash stunned ambulance drivers when he woke up speaking perfect English.

18-year-old Matej Kus was out cold for 45 minutes after the crash, but when he woke up he conversed fluidly in English with paramedics, even speaking in an English accent.

The teenager had just begun to study the language and his skills were described by friends and team-mates as “basic at best”.

Peter Waite, the promoter for Kus's team, the Berwick Bandits, told the Daily Mail: "I couldn't believe what I was hearing.

"It was in a really clear English accent, no dialect or anything. Whatever happened in the crash must have rearranged things in his head.

"Before his crash Matej's use of the English language was broken, to put it mildly.

"He was only just making a start on improving it and struggled to be understood, but was keen to learn.
"Yet here we were at the ambulance door listening to Matej talking to the medical staff in perfect English.

"Matej didn't have a clue who or where he was when he came round. He didn't even know he was Czech.
"It was unbelievable to hear him talk in unbroken English."

Unfortunately, the speedway driver's new found skills didn’t last and he remembers nothing of the accident or the following two days. He is now keen pursue studies in English.

He told the Daily Mail, through an interpreter: "It's unbelievable that I was speaking English like that, especially without an accent.

"Hopefully I can pick English up over the winter for the start of next season so I'll be able to speak it without someone having to hit me over the head first.

"There must be plenty of the English language in my subconscious so hopefully I'll be able to pick it up quickly next time."

Okay, Jeannette again here. So if you could wake up one day with some new talent or skill or knowledge, what would it be?

Salsa dancing or cooking come to mind for me. (Actually, I would like it if my boyfriend woke up with the skills of an expert chef. Living together might be an option in that case.) I could also appreciate a working knowledge of eastern medicine. lol

But I would like mine to come peacefully while I sleep!

I suspect all of us have some sort of untapped magic within, and that it's available to us when we open to it. In fact, right now I am officially claiming an even stronger connection to Source Energy, complete with the info and knowings and joy that I suspect goes hand in hand with such a connection.

Well, that feels good!

Namaste, all.

September 10, 2007

36 Hour Gift

What would you do with an extra 36 hours of free time every week? This is the question posed by my handsome cyber-friend Ed Mills at Evolving Times, inspired by Tim Ferriss' "4 Hour Work Week."

Just considering the question is bound to bring us more free time - since we get what we think about. So I happily accepted Ed's challenge to answer this question. I'd love to hear your responses as well!

If I had an out of the blue extra 36 hours every week, I would get a good girlfriend and hang out with her. I haven't made nearly enough time for strong friendships in my life since my coaching practice was born. Yeah, I would get a girlfriend. A local single girlfriend (since all my good girlfriends keep moving or getting married.)

And maybe she could be self-employed from home, too, and we could bounce ideas off each other in the middle of the work week while we hiked our dogs in beautiful places.

I would also seek out more excellent food. I know I'm missing out on wonderful dishes all over town. Okay, I said food, but I'm really thinking desserts. I welcome new desserts in my life. That would be suhweeeet (hee hee).

And I would linger and lounge and contemplate more. I would examine. And get quiet. And enjoy my ding dongs more slowly. On the back porch instead of the computer.

That's what I would do.

What would YOU do? In fact, I'm officially tagging Zoe to answer this as well, since she's always a joy to read, along with Karen .. wait, Ed already tagged them. (Ed, do you feel like a blog tag hog?)

Maybe I need to expand my circle. Which I know exactly how to do. Did you see Priscilla's list of personal development bloggers?? Holy hannah!! Big kaching! You'll strike gold browsing through THIS list!

Again, I'd love to hear from you readers as to what you would do with 36 extra hours every week! Thanks in advance for sharing your inspiration on what you'd do with your free time. :)

PS - Tanna, you're tagged too.


Yes, I know many of my posts include topics of dog urine, toilet time, and occasional swear words. But this message from World Puja inspired me; I thought it might you as well:

Maureen Moss
The 9-9-9 passes, we begin again. Copyright 2007

Dearest Hearts,

We have passed through the gates of a completion...of sorts. People world wide prayed and meditated as daylight passed into twilight on the 999. The moon heralding completion follows on its heels. So now what?

We begin again. Have we inquired of our souls how we shall gracefully pass through and into a new cycle? Have we made our choices, or have we had fleeting thoughts? Are we picking up where we left off or are we creating a new reality starting now, now that the 999 has come and gone?

Have we considered what is of primary importance as we enter into the next?

Is it to have deeper faith in what has yet to be shown as we enter another cycle of uncertainty? Is it to become a living breathing temple of compassion? Is it dedication to learn to live in our expanded frequency fields and explore our multi-dimensionality? Is it to honor vigilantly our long ago commitment to live up to our greatness and the Light that we hold? Is it to no longer deny our Oneness? Or, is it tocreate the conditions where the desires of your heart can become the reality of your being?

Is it all of the above?

I offer a reminder and a decree (and more) as you explore and inquire what is of primary importance as you enter into the next, now that the unified prayers and meditations of the 999 are complete and you take your next steps.

Take faith with you as you inquire and exact your actions.

Faith is the mightiest tool ever given to humankind for transformationand for turning dreams into realities.

The Decree of Faith

I no longer confuse what I seem to be with who I really Am.

Knowing Who I Am, I still my mind, greet my courage, and seed myself
With faith.

Here in my solitude, I Am not burdened by thoughts of the past.

I have no fear of the future.

Divorced from past and future, I have faith that Life in all of its infinite wisdom will take care of me.

Holding positive faith, I know all situations will be resolved in Divine right order without my control.

The Consciousness that brought my Spirit here is the Consciousness that will guide me safely through my life the instant I allow it to.

My path is illuminated by Divine Light as I take each step toward my Divine nature.

Every question I have is met with an answer when I still my mind to listen.

I have faith in the power of the Love that I Am and my way is made clear.

I take each step forward with faith and love.

This moment I bind myself to positive faith and allow the power of good to surge around and through me.

I Charge myself with radiant I Am Light and embrace all power given to me from above me and within me.

My faith and courage dispel the limits and inhibitions of my past, and I intend to live each day from this moment on in faith, elevating my consciousness and being lifted into the future of myself.

I Am indeed blessed . . . and so it is.

Please feel comfortable to pass this on along with The World Puja website

September 9, 2007

What We Resist

Yesterday afternoon I thought some of us might get a kick out of this story. My girlfriend was selling shoes at the Greek Festival this weekend and I offered to help her man the booth.

She has an amazing array of shoes, the kind you can't help but ooh and ahh over. Nothing practical here - it's all glitter and glam. From flats to pumps to clogs to wedges to boots and sandals - she has it all. Some were sparkly, some had lacy straps, some were made of shiny satin, some had such pointy heels they were an engineering wonder - and honestly, you can't help but touch them. They're just fun!

She had one particularly appealing pair of shoes with fur trim that made everyone smile when they saw them. Most passersby would stop, look, laugh and then actually pet them. (Especially the men - go figure!)

I thought it was cute and a good draw; my girlfriend was annoyed that people were handling her merchandise.

So she made up a "PLEASE DO NOT TOUCH!" sign and just as she placed it next to the irrestistible fur-trimmed shoe, two women approached with a yellow lab by their side.

You know me, as soon as a dog is on the scene, I forget everything else.

But pretty soon I was smiling to realize the law of attraction was proving itself in quick action once again. This was a seeing-eye dog for one of the ladies, whose owner promptly began shopping by handling every shoe on display while her friend described the colors to her.

I had to laugh that as soon my girlfriend took action to stop people from touching her merchandise (resistance), she attracted a situation that delivered more of what she didn't want.

She wasn't really in a mood for an LOA lesson, I thought, so I was proud to not say anything. Well, to her anyway. I knew the rest of us would get a kick out of it!

And of course, I realize she's mirroring exactly what many of us do every day without realizing it. She knows how this stuff works - so do we. Yet how often do we unconsciously slip into "resist" mode?

Not that I would encourage us to look for resistance, since we get what we look for. But maybe a good focus is on what we're allowing, and where we have more opportunities to relax and flow, and on a greater level.

With that said I'm going to go "flow" an article for my editor. Happy day, everyone!

September 6, 2007

I'm Not Making This Up!

That's what I said to myself in the shower this morning, as I wondered why I would send my new partner copies of two critical emails I received about our joint call last night.

I know better than to pass along anything negative, and yet I didn't miss a beat on it. Amy wrote back saying something to the effect of: I really don't need to see these. Where are you conflicted?

Which made me wonder why I passed them along. What came up was a feeling of justification: "I TOLD you, Amy! I'm not making this up!"

Oh really, Jeannette? You're not making it up? If it's not you, who is it?

In sorting out the energy behind it, I became clear I wasn't completely comfortable with her promotion skills. Plain and simple. Doesn't make me, her, or the strategies right or wrong. It's just how I feel about it.

And that feeling ... well, we all know what that attracts. I'm not comfortable; I attract more to match that. People who aren't comfortable. Me receiving emails that aren't comfortable. Me making Amy uncomfortable. (Or trying to.)

So then my mind goes to justification.

I wanted her to know "I'm not making this up!" People don't appreciate being marketed to this way! It isn't just ME that isn't down with traditional selling strategies. We've got to do it DIFFERENT! We've got to leave these old "rules" behind! This is OLD STUFF. It DOESN'T WORK!

But guess what? I AM making this up. Every bit of it. There isn't a single thing I'm not responsible for creating. (Hard core, I know, but I believe it to be true.)

So while Amy's having a perfectly effective preview call (we only had four slots left by the time the call ended), I'm having very subtle mixed feelings which attracts the type of emails that I hardly EVER receive. The only time I've received anything like that was back when I partnered with Jen Blackert. (Who is still up to fun stuff, I might add. I just signed up for her preview call.)

What have I learned here?

I am making this up. I'm making up that people aren't comfortable with this style of marketing. I'm the one making up that it will turn some folks off. I'm the one making up that it will risk my reputation. I'm making it up. All of it.

If that's the case (which it is), how 'bout I make something else up?

All right, now I'm getting somewhere.

How about I make up that folks get who I am and what I'm about - it doesn't matter the words or the colors or the partners I use. People get me. Plain and simple. (I LIKE that.)

How about I make up that Amy brings incredibly valuable technical and marketing expertise to the table. (Which she does.) That she's not a marketing handicap, but an asset. How about I make up that I get wonderful feedback from here on out?

(Truth be told, just in the time I started writing this I've received three "raving" emails about last night's call. That's how quickly the Universe can respond to energy shift.)

So, all right, I'm making it up. I get it now.

Which leads to my next question ... what are YOU making up? Is it serving you, or can you see room for improvement?

A worthy question, I discovered in this morning's shower. :)

September 5, 2007

Hello, Honey!

This is too funny not to share! The LOA lesson is not lost on me, either. I think you'll enjoy it as well (plus I'll go for any excuse to post dog photos):

Those of you who remember my challenge with the neighbor's 35 year old grandson who was sleeping in a backyard tent and arguing with his girlfriend outside my bedroom window every night?

He's still here. Girlfriend's gone (I'm thinking jail); he sleeps inside now during the day (no job, living off grandma, parties with friends all night). He still works on his motorcycle in the early morning hours (outside my bedroom window - his favorite place). (And yes, I hear all my judgments here.)

The other neighbors still suspect he's dealing drugs and endangering their children.

I don't know about that. I haven't thought much about it since he brought home an 8 month old German Shepherd. He "rescued" her (I'm thinking stole) from his "friend" (I'm thinking dealer) who wasn't taking proper care of her. Honey (as he calls her) is a sweet girl, terribly unsocialized, who roams the neighborhood day and night. (Koda loves her.)

That's just not cool. German Shepherds are an intimidating breed! She's chased a couple of terrified boys on their bikes, sniffed a few babies in strollers with nervous parents frozen in fear, and allegedly bit two kids - which is when I told him he needed to do way better by us and her than this.

So he tied her up in the backyard. Sheesh. Nice answer. (Not.)

He did let me foil his plans to breed her, at least, and allowed me to drive Honey to the clinic for a spay surgery last week. (The vet asked why I was starving my dog - I didn't realize her ribs were showing.)

Needless to say, there's been a fair amount of contention between us (no surprise, since that's our vibe) over this issue.

We've had kind of a "you don't talk to me, and I'll pretend not to see you" arrangement going on since I let him have it about what it meant to "rescue" a dog and his responsibilities for her well-being as well as the neighborhood kids.

I was hot. He took it well.

Gotta admire him for that.

Anyway, that's the background.

As this girl has been tied up in the backyard and whining 24/7 (only a slight exaggeration), I occasionally throw a few treats her way and ask how her day is. She's always happy to say hello, and seems grateful for the attention.

Early this morning I stepped outside and was headed back in when I heard her chain jiggle. I knew she'd heard me so even though I couldn't see her, I gave her a proper friendly greeting in the sweetest singsong voice I have (yes, I have one): "Helloooo, Honey! How are you this morning?!" Dripping sweet. And filled with genuine love.

I don't know who was more surprised - my contentious neighbor to be addressed by me this way, or me when I heard his awkward reply, "Uhhhh, good." Long pause. Then a stilted and polite, "How are you?"

I was too surprised to answer. But I came in giggling.

I guess that was him jiggling some chain. Or else Honey instigating an ingenious rift repair.

Just like that the tension is gone! He mowed my parkway again today while I was on the Vibration Overhaul preview call with Amy. (Did you hear the mower in the background?) I looked at him and thought, "How could I ever have thought about stealing his dog?"

You just can't pretend to be mean to someone after an exchange like that takes place.

He's a good kid, I don't care what drugs he's on.

So the moral of the story? We get what we put out.

And finding a way to send out the good stuff, no matter the circumstances or one's justification in "witholding" the goods, is always a feel good way to go. Congrats to me on doing it by mistake, and for my neighbor for lettin' it in. We rock. : )

(He IS my best teacher, isn't he?! Just like Byron Katie says!)