April 1, 2007

Acting As If

Speaking of right action – here’s a tip to get you in immediate alignment with your desire. Whatever your goal or intention is, conduct yourself throughout your day as if you’ve already achieved it. Act as if you already are the success you desire.

If you want to drop a few pounds, for example, act as if you already have. Ask yourself what would an ideal-weight person wear today? What would an ideal- weight person eat for breakfast? How would he answer the phone? What would he do for fun tonight? When would he go to bed and what would he do before bed? Become that ideal-weight person with your actions, and your body will soon reflect your new “ideal weight” vibration.

Acting as if is a powerful tool for creating vibrational alignment – which is the name of this manifesting game!


  1. what if your trying to attract love?

  2. Yeah, I practiced this one on love, Anonymous. It's not as difficult as it might seem.

    What I did was imagine that I already had me the love of my life, and I conducted various parts of my day as I would a girl in new love would.

    Like, I walked down the sidewalk with a secret smile - you know the kind you feel when you've just met a significant person, but you haven't introduced him to your friends yet?

    And I sat at home on Friday nights reflecting on how good it feels to be in love, rather than sitting home alone stewing about the situation.

    When I shopped, I imagine the things I would bring home for him. When I thought about whether to accept a girlfriend's invite for a night out, I thought - hmm, am I free, or will I be with him? Instead of just the automatic "Sure, I'm free."

    I took a shower the way a girl in love would - whistling the whole time and admiring my beautiful body - the same way he would.

    When I got dressed, I imagined I was dressing as a girl in new love would - not a girl who lived her life alone.

    When I went on dog walks, I didn't search every other face for the possibility that he might be the one. I walked as if I already had a beau back at home and I was taken.

    Does that help?


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