March 25, 2007

What To Do When Nothing's Happening

With lots of new deliberate creators on the scene now (thanks to the Secret, Oprah, etc.), some are finding the Law of Attraction sounds good, but wonder why it doesn't seem to work for them.

After all, they're thinking about what they want, made their vision board, repeat their affirmations, and yet nothing happens.

Whereas some people pick this LOA stuff up easily to create quick success, others scratch their heads wondering what's gone wrong.

For those wondering why nothing's happening, or if you're just stuck in one particular area, here are a few tips:

1. Stop wondering what you're doing wrong. Don't ask why it's not working. As you say that, you create that. That question is why it's not working. That's your manifesting in action! Can you see it? We're so powerful that we can create "not working" or "nothing happening" if we choose. Choose something else, huh?

2. "Fine, Jeannette," you think. "But how do I stop thinking it's not working when it's the truth? I mean, nothing's happening!" Sweeties, stop arguing for nothing happening. Seriously, stop affirming that. It closes the door on the action. You have to ignore reality for a while. As long as you are addicted to seeing and saying "what is," you cannot create anything other than what already is. Reality is overrated anyway.

3. Start saying "Hey, I'm getting the hang of this." Or "This is easier than I was making it out to be" or "Things are in the works now." It doesn't matter if it doesn't feel true at first; start speaking the words that give the Universe something to work with. If you repeat this as often as you repeat "It's not working," your door is at least half open. And Universe will squeeze something good through that crack. ; )

4. You've got to feel good. Good things can't happen when you feel bad. You know how that vibrational alignment thing works, right? Feel good now - and then good things can swoosh in. Yes, I'm talking about your relationship, your work, your financial situation, your health - whatever might be dragging your "feel good" away. Anything that's bringing you down is a potential show-stopper. Find a way to feel good now. If you need help, get it (mastermind group, coach, manifesting buddy, etc.).

5. Inspired action is a good idea, too. But it isn't necessarily what you might think. It's action that feels good. (See above tip.) It could be a nap, a chat with a friend, brainstorming brilliant ideas in the middle of the night or quitting your job. It isn't anything that feels like a "supposed to," "should," or "have to."

5. PS - things really are happening. Maybe you don't see them yet, but they are. All the right players, resources and opportunities are lining up behind the scenes to give you exactly what you want. As you believe that, you open your door even more. Have a little faith, and that will go a long way toward letting the goods in.

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  1. Oh I get it attraction as in thaaaaaat. ithought it was some blog on beauty tips and how to look and feel attractive. when I saw this site for the first time I looked into your eyes a'nd a thought came out in a clang like those flat things them disco drummers bang to hit a plateau. I thought you were a model. Now I realise it's more of that serious stuff you talk about that has to do with the magnetic poles. You certainly look educated. When are we going to the north pole? I sthere a convention soon?
    My heart didn't skip a beat or anything don't get me wrong but you. are. simply. bouyant and a spark to look. I'm so jealous of your eyes even though I like mine better.


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