June 10, 2007

Crucial Message?

Columnist Barb Guy emailed an interesting query after reading about a Utah man's efforts to place posters reading "In God We Trust" in every classroom across the state.

Barb asks: "If you were the type to insist one crucial message be posted in each every classroom, what would your message be?" She's compiling results for her column, and her question inspired me to wonder what message I thought school age children would most benefit from.

Hmm. Fun one, huh?

I quickly landed on: "You create your world."

That's what I'd like to see kids reminded of. That they're in charge. That by choosing how they feel, they dramatically alter their life experience.

"You create your world."

They would learn no one else is to blame. That the answer lies within. And that anything is possible. As P'taah says: "Imagination and emotion is what creates your reality."

But then I realized that message would be better placed in workplaces across America, because adults could probably benefit more from being reminded of it than our children. : )

What message do you wish you'd had reinforced as a child in school? I'd be interested in hearing it.


  1. leslierichter@gicable.comJune 11, 2007 at 8:55 AM

    One of the speakers in the movie The Secret, John F. Demartin, has this wonderful affirmation," I am a genius and I appy my wisdom daily". I would like to see that in classrooms and on buses!
    How wonderful is that, a reminder that you do indeed have the answers and the knowledge. Books, friends, teachers, gurus, t.v. are all very wonderful but sometimes we forget to assess our own truth and wisdom.

  2. How about:

    Will you create an extraordinary, expansive, abundance and joyful day for yourself today?

  3. Hi Jeannette, Everyone!

    I would honor my hero, Joseph Campbell, and suggest the sign read:

    Follow your bliss and doors will open where once there were only walls!

    Or simply, “Follow Your Bliss!”

    : ) Kim

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  5. Oh my gosh, I love ALL these! In fact, I might post them on my wall NOW!

    Actually, "I am a genius" is already there - but "applying the wisdom" is a nice touch. Thanks, Leslie. : )


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