August 29, 2007

Time for an Upgrade?

Okay, I overmanifested having a quiet free coach call this month. Last month we had a couple disruptions that I intended we overcome this time. Sheesh, was it quiet! Thanks Carla and Julia for piping up! (Amy might think I have an imaginary audience if you hadn't said something.)

Luckily I said hello to a handful of folks before I started the recording, I so I know we weren't talking to ourselves! It was only my second free call, so third time's a charm, right?

For those wanting to hear what Amy said about Carla's experience of setting intentions that never manifest, you can listen here. (There's also a link in the sidebar under archived calls.) Her emphatic response to Julia's question about practicing with small stuff was also not what you'll hear from all the LOA experts.

When you listen in, you'll also hear my true love for both these girls.

Together they perfectly reflect why I was inspired to conduct a Vibration Overhaul group course with Amy. For anyone who ever thought one on one work with me wasn't in the budget, this course offers you TWO fabulous coaches (Amy even knocks MY socks off!) for six weeks at a cost that's less than half of what I charge for one month of individual work.

And wait'll you see the line-up of who's joining! We've got some powerhouses on board for this course!

Find your feel good on it, and if it says "Yes!" - please sign up before the discount expires. ($227 until next week.) I'd rather not see late-comers paying almost $300, especially since I'm pretty sure it'll be full before then anyway.

As I'm off to potentially have my third sick foster kitty euthanized this afternoon, I have to say I've had much practice with deliberately managing emotions this last week. The result? I'm getting pretty good at this. On today's call I shared the thought that offered me relief as my second little guy was getting his goodbye shot.

Doesn't matter where they come from or how much sense it doesn't make to anyone else - when we reach for thoughts that offer relief, we are headed in the right direction and making serious upgrades to our vibe. Let's keep going in that direction and let the good stuff in!

Shoot, I might even be able to experience perpetual marital bliss if I keep this up.

Namaste, friends!


  1. The biggest downside of where I am right now (I mean for work, not emotionally or any such thing) is that my work schedule pretty much prevents being part of these calls. Freedom from all that is my biggest goal, and while one could look at this as having the box locked with the key inside, I prefer to see it as another motivation to get there, to get creative in finding ways to get that vibrational education.

  2. fortunately, we're recording all the calls and making them available to paid participants. Time is such a fantasy world, don't you agree? If we can bend time, making it fly when we're having fun, and slow down when we're amidst something distressing, why can't we bend the rules about what we can and cannot do at a certain "time"? There is always a way, if only you will be willing to allow it.

  3. One of the many things I love about Amy ... no rules. Not even in time.

    This is a good question for anyone who feels lack of time in their life. How can you grant yourself freedom right now? Find a way to feel your freedom from time constraints.

    I'm doing it right now. I'm unplugging the clock in the bedroom. Russ insisted we needed one, but both of us wake up when we need to without an "alarm." Plus he's hardly here any more anyway. And I like the idea of a room completely free of any electronic things whatsoever, which I will be in two minutes from now. : )

    And for anyone who's feeling called to the class, several participants either have night jobs, child care responsibilities, are in completely different time zones (or just want to listen to the call when it's most convenient) and will be listening to the recordings as well.

    That's why we created the group forum - to make sure everyone has an opportunity to connect up when it works for them. Don't let "time scarcity" keep you from this. :)

    Much love -

  4. Did you read today's TUT message? (Mike Dooley's one my LOA heroes!)

    "One thing I know for sure is that with time, everything becomes clear, all questions are answered, what's broken is restored, new trails are blazed, hearts are mended, love returns, and you will look over your shoulder, with a tear in your eye, at life's utter perfection.

    And best of all, Jeannette, time is one thing you have plenty of. Trust me."

    The Universe

  5. I'm willing. It's not my willingness that is in question. Never has been. Quite to the contrary. Being present live for the call is prevented by others entirely, who have no interest in their own freedom and less interest in anyone else's. We can't bend the rules about what we can do when for a very simple reason: someone else - who has leverage over whether we can provide bed and dinner for our children - has strict claim over that particular time. Therefore, being present live is not practical. This is reality, this is what is, and this is what your freedom apparently has let you forget. You are where we should be for the next stage of the journey; until then there are very strong restrictions. You live without rules. Don't forget that you had to break free of them, which took time, even after you realized they were nonsense.

    Do I sound irritated? Sure. Nothing like being told "you could if you really wanted to (but you don't)." This is reality of Now. The goal is to change this, not to tell the director, "Y'know, that presentation we're supposed to be doing is in the way of a phone call that could let me ask the questions to free me up from having to deal with all this crap, so I'll be taking a couple hours off, ok?"

    Sure, we have plenty of time. But it's not always when we'd prefer.

  6. I remember that well, John. You're right, it's not a pretty place to be - feeling at the mercy of an employer who appears to be the key to your family's survival. (I suspect on reflection you can feel how limiting that is, right?)

    I'm glad to hear in your comment you can feel the motivation of that "downside" to change your current situation. That contrast launches some nice rockets, huh?

    And strong emotion is adding to a nice vibrational escrow.

    Hear me on this, though, John ... freedom (which you said is your biggest goal) doesn't lie in being self-employed or having a more understanding employer or a big bank account or anything else we might hinge it on. It's a choice. Whenever we condition our freedom on something outside ourselves, we can't possibly be.

    Make sense?

    Victor Frankl ("Man's Search for Meaning") brought that point home strongly for me.

    Example: I've upset more than a few people telling them that paying off their mortgage isn't going to give them the freedom they might expect it would. Only THEY can award themselves the feeling of freedom, and that's by choosing it. Themselves. Now. Nothing else can make us so. (I learned that one the hard way.)

    On a lighter note, I was thinking you could experience freedom from your (very real-feeling) time constraints by accessing recorded calls and participating in the forum when you were available.

    I hear that you're in a different place right now, and if I know anything - it's that everything is working out perfectly. No matter how much it might not seem so at the time. : )

    Sending lots of love & miracles -

  7. Jeannette, you are entirely correct! Heck, I can even verify it even in my position of frustrated ignorance. (And please forgive my partly heat-induced irritability.) Between your most recent post (about your dad's gentle wisdom of letting go) and an extraordinary story told by a dear friend, the notions of freedom are slowly... well, freeing up.

    On top of this, another friend of mine, Mike, your sometime student, has pointed out that perhaps starting more thoroughly at the beginning might be a good idea. He didn't say that exactly, but it connected up like that. I have a lot to learn, but patience isn't exactly my strong suit. "Isn't this supposed to be about attaining what most think is impossible?" the impatience says. But the catch-22 I railed against comes back, amusingly this time, pointing out that I have to learn to do the impossible rather than be able to do it immediately.

    Alright, then: so be it. Start with reading more and absorbing that; listen to the recorded calls; start at the beginning. A strong foundation and run-up may well get me where I should be much faster than numerous false starts. The irony isn't lost on me.

  8. John, you are so beautifully open and honest and willing to be self-aware!! What nice traits to run across, let alone have them combined in one person!

    Yes, do what you know to do, and know that all the resources are present for whatever you desire.

    Thanks for your contributions to this blog, my friend. You represent the "realness" of integrating deliberate creation into every day life!



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